Faculty Senate Library Committee
Minutes of April 10, 2002 Meeting

Present:   Gwen Achenreiner, Susan Crutchfield, Abdulaziz Elfessi, Tim Gerber, James Gray, Paul
                 Keaton, Elsie Patterson, Cris Prucha, Beth Seebach, Hulya Yacizi, Chia-Chen Yu

Consultant: Anita Evans

Guest: Stefan Smith

Meeting called to order at 4 p.m. in Room 120 of Murphy Library by chair Chia-Chen Yu.

·        Minutes of March 13, 2002 were approved.

·        Information Literacy

n      Yu will contact Emily Johnson, Director of General Education in the following weeks for the feedbacks of Gen Ed committee members about incorporating information literacy into Gen Ed curriculum.  Yu will report the feedbacks on the next meeting

n      Prucha reported the discussion and possibility for having an information literacy session at 2003 UWL Teaching Conference.

§   Potential faculty members and students on the panel

§   Outlines for information literacy session

§   Feedback from Provost’s office -- Cris Prucha had called Bill Cerbin and he liked the idea of the teaching conference session.  The Library Committee needs to call him in Sept./Oct. to discuss the panel idea more specifically.  

n      Importance of information literacy

§   Committee members shared their experiences about the importance of information literacy in teaching and research areas. 

§   Examples where students need to review sites critically.





 ·        Stefan Smith’s Report

§   Space planning – Floor chart and diagram

§   Coffee shop – Extend study area

§   Report the survey results of various universities with library coffee shop

§   Results indicated positive and profitable

§   Discussion

·  Successful examples – Culture atmosphere

·  Operation hour

·  Management method

·  Space planning

·  Potential problems

·  Cost & charge

·  Information and equipment placed in the coffee shop such as magazines, newspaper, computer, etc.

 n      Director’s Report

§   Space planning – Video library and periodical section

§   More group study rooms

§   Multimedia collection– video collection.  Create a space to make it more visible for video collection.

§   Faculty response -- If periodicals are moved to the basement, the division must be easily understood, e.g. all bound periodicals in the basement or all bound periodicals before a certain year.

·        Next meeting announced for Wednesday, May 8, 2002, 4 p.m.