Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

January 29, 2002



Members Present:      Schoen, Nelson, Reithel, Socha, Williams, Finnegan, Kemnitz, Loh, Matchett, Scheuermann, Wainscott


Members Absent:      Justin Odulana, Robert Klindworth, Yvonne Johnson


Consultants:             Charles Martin-Stanley, Mandi Anderson, Greg Wegner


Guests:                    Dean Wilder, Delores Heiden, Jan VonRuden, Theda Holder, Sandy Keller, Judy Holloway



1.          Greg Wegner was introduced as a consultant.


2.          M/S/P to approve the minutes of November 27, 2001.


3.          First Reading, Proposal #11, GEO/ESC 451/551 and GEO/ESC 303.


GEO/451/551, Multimedia Cartography and Internet Geographic Information Systems, 3 credits, title and description, effective fall 2002.

?pplication of digital methods of Multimedia Thematic Cartography and Internet-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS); emphasis on the production of web-based interactive maps, mapping on the Internet, spatial data acquisition and integrity issues, delivery of GIS databases through the Internet, Metadata issues, and thematic mapping through the querying of spatial information. Prerequisite: GEO/ESC 250 and MTH 205 or 250. Lect. 2, Lab. 2. Offered Sem. I.?


GEO/ESC 303, Geologic Evolution of the Earth, course deletion effective summer 2002.


GEO/451/551 was changed to reflect the new technology available to teach  cartography.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


4.          First Reading, C-I 492, Student Teaching/Intern Seminar, 1 credit, new course. Elementary/Middle Level Program, Middle Level/Secondary Program, Initial Certification Program (ME-PD), increase credits, effective spring 2002.


C-I 492, Student Teaching/Intern Seminar, new course, 1 credit, effective spring 2002.

?hrough this course for student teachers and interns, university course work is correlated with successful teaching practices in the schools. Students build on their knowledge base, reflect on their teaching, and analyze school culture with their peers. To be taken concurrently with C-I 403, 404 or 409. Pass/Fail grading.?/p>


This course has been offered as an umbrella course. The one credit increase in the programs will not affect time to degree.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


5.          Consent Agenda:

C-S 464/564, Advanced Database Management Systems, remove C-S 220 as a prerequisite. C-S 220 is a hidden prerequisite for C-S 364. C-S 220 was removed at the graduate level, but was overlooked at the undergraduate level.


M/S/P to approve.


MLS 402/502, Quality Systems in the Clinical Laboratory, the number was MLS 390. A new course number was required to offer the course at the graduate level. A question was asked why MTH 205 or 250 is not a prerequisite for 402/502, since the description involves statistics. The MLS  program is currently being revised, and the department will take the math requirement under advisement.


Item removed from consent agenda and will be included in the department proposal later this semester, if appropriate.


6.          Old Business ?Chair Schoen distributed a memo from Betsy Morgan expressing concerns about J Term/May Term/Summer course scheduling. At the next meeting, members should be prepared to decide whether UCC will continue to discuss three and four-week sessions, or whether it wants to declare that it is unable to come to a conclusion.


7.          Student Petition in the College of HPERTE to waive the requirement to complete a second writing course if ENG 110 was not completed with a grade of ?C?or better on initial enrollment.


M/S/P to deny the appeal.



SAH: ENG 310, taken in Scotland, for ENG 200 on the General Education requirement


The meeting adjourned at 4:40. The next UCC meeting will be February 12, 2002.




Diane L. Schumacher

UCC Secretary