Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 12, 2002



Members Present:            Schoen, Nelson, Reithel, Socha, Williams, Finnegan, Klindworth, Loh, Matchett


Members Absent:            Odulana, Kemnitz, Scheuermann, Johnson, Wainscott


Consultants:                   Dittman, Burkhardt, Martin-Stanley, Anderson, Schumacher


Guests:                          Holder, Cherne



1.              M/S/P to approve minutes of January 29, 2002 as amended.


2.              First Reading, Proposal #13, THA 351


THA 351, World Theatre, 3 credits, title, prerequisites, when offered, effective Fall 2002

Survey of historical and contemporary theatre in cultural context from various cultures/geographic regions around the world. These areas include India and the near east, China, Japan, and the far east, Africa, Latin America, and the middle east. Particular attention is paid to local custom, religious practice and theatrical practice.  Offered Sem. 2. Prerequisite: THA 110


This course is designed both for majors and as a general education course. Expectations will be different for the 2 audiences. M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve.



3.              The committee discussed how to proceed with the Senate charge about condensed format courses. From one perspective, 3-4 week courses are under-monitored; they were approved as 14-wk courses and not re-approved for a different format. On the other hand, faculty are professionals in their field; people who teach courses in this format say it is effective. What is the role of UCC? Some feel this committee is the appropriate group to set standards at least. Others feel it lies with departments and deans more appropriately, or it could become a part of the academic program review process. Ray will draft a memo to the Senate recommending that departments assess the effectiveness of condensed formats, but not set criteria for the review.  The draft memo will be discussed at the next meeting along with the original charge.



CLS: 801-250, taken at MATC, for ENG 200 to fulfill Gen Ed requirement.


5.              Meeting adjourned: Time 4:15 p.m.  Next meeting, Tuesday, February 26th.



Diane L. Schumacher

UCC Secretary