University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Articles and By-Laws Committee (ABC) 2002-2003


Thursday, 9/26/2002

111 Wimberly Hall, 1:30P.M.


Present: Cynthia Berlin, Sandra Krajewski, Victor Macias-Gonzalez; Susan "BOON" Murray, Keith Sherony

Meeting was called to order at 1:30p.m. by former ABC Committee Chair Sherony.

1. Sherony facilitated new member introductions and election of Berlin as Committee Chair and Murray as
    Secretary by unanimous consensus vote.

New Business

2. Berlin reviewed the special charge from the SEC to:

    Review the size of standing faculty committees and propose reductions where appropriate to improve the
    productivity of the committee and the Committee on Faculty Commitees' ability to appoint members.
    Sherony guided review of the list of committees as well as the by-laws stipulating number of members.
    ABC members discussed pragmatic factors affecting committee size (i.e., workload, adequate departmental
    representation). The ABC recognizes the sensitivity of making recommendations for reduction and will
    respect the collective by inviting self-mediated opinions of individual committees regarding their size. Current
    committee chairs will be requested to discuss this SEC charge with their members.

    Berlin recommended that an e-mail poll might be more efficient than requesting committee representatives
    to appear at a meeting. Berlin agreed to draft an e-mail memorandum to be circulated for pre-approval
    among ABC. Given that some committees have not yet convened and a discussion is deemed essential, it
    may take several months to gather input from all committees.

3. Berlin reviewed the duties and responsibilities of the ABC:

    1. Conduct annual review of faculty senate bylaws and forward recommended changes to faculty senate.

    2. Conduct periodic reviews of Articles of Organization and forward recommended changes to the
        chairperson of the faculty senate.

    3. Provide appropriate phasing for bylaw changes proposed to faculty senate from other sources.
        Krajewski, Berlin, and Sherony provided examples of past committee activity to illustrate ABC duties and
        responsibilities (i.e., evaluation of UW-L administrators).

4. Berlin will report election of chair and secretary 9/26/2002.

Old Business

5. No old business.

Mark Your Calendar

6. Next meeting was set for Thursday, October 24, in Room 111 Carl Wimberly Hall.


Respectfully submitted,
Susan "BOON" Murray, Secretary