Date:    May 16, 2003


To:       Steven Senger, Chair

            Faculty Senate


From:   Cynthia Berlin, Chair

            Articles and Bylaws Committee


Re:       2002-2003 Final Report



            The Articles and Bylaws Committee performed its normal duties and responsibilities and completed action on one of two special charges set forth by the SEC.


(1)  Recommend to the Senate to reduce in size, combine or restructure standing faculty committees and to improve faculty participation.  A recommendation was made and approved by the Faculty Senate on April 24, 2003.


(2) Develop and submit to the Senate revised bylaws to implement the approved reduction in standing faculty committees; as well as develop bylaw language to implement the approved change in the appointments to the Articles and Bylaws Committee.  Sufficient time was not available to undertake this charge.  It will be forwarded to next year's Articles and Bylaws Committee.