Present:  Czerwinski, Graham, Jax, Lan, McCoy

Absent:   Morzinski, Pein, Skala


The Academic Program Review Committee met Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 8am in room 3076, HSC.  Carol McCoy provided an update on the status of the programs scheduled for review 2002-03:



Review Status


Athletic Training


Faculty Senate 2-13-03

MPH and Community Health Education


Faculty Senate 2-13-03


Pending external reviewer

If received by 4-1-03 may be able to be completed ‘03


Pending external reviewer

If received by 4-1-03 may be able to be completed ‘03


Received 2-10; given to subcommittee 2-11-03

Will be able to be submitted to Faculty Senate this semester


Requesting delay

Department is working on NCAT and wants those comments prior to submission of self study to APRC

International Studies Minor

May request delay

Director feels APR format does not fit with a minors program, seeking guidance


The chair advised the committee if the reports are received too late to be processed and completed prior to the last Faculty Senate meeting they will proceed with the report and submit them for AY03-04  She expressed a concern for the number of delays and the impact it will have on the scheduled program reviews  The Music Department has been delayed since AY 01 and will now be reviewed in AY 04.


The committee will meet with two groups in March:

March Meeting with 2003-04 programs and 2004-05 programs

2003-04:                Music..originally due 2000-01

                              Art….is asking for extension

Chemistry( includes chemistry minor, business concentration, and environmental science concentration

College of Business Administration( includes accountancy major and minor; economics major and minor, finance major, Risk and Insurance concentration; Information Systems; Management; Marketing; International Business; Graduate MBA; Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation

Physician Assistant Studies

The chair was uncertain if MATH would be requesting a one year or a two year extension since they want to include the NCAT report with their study.


    2004-05:      Psychology (major and minor) and Graduate program

Educational Studies: Elementary 1-6; Elementary/Middle 1-9; K-12; Middle/Secondary; Education Minors; Graduate MSE, Graduate Professional Development; Graduate Professional Development/Learning Community


The Director of International Studies communicated with the APRC Chair regarding what  format to use for the self study.  He felt the format for the Self Study did not “fit” minors.  The chair asked the committee what criteria their departments used to determine what courses were included in a minor and how they evaluated the effectiveness of the minor, i.e., what outcome measures were used.  Discussion followed with a consensus some departments have specific criteria and others do not.  Chair McCoy asked each member of the committee to provide her with the criteria used by their respective departments.  This information will be compiled by a subcommittee and determine if  1) some specific criteria should be included in the self study to include the minors and 2) minors such as International Studies, Women’s studies, etc should use a different format in their self study.  The APRC is charged, by the Faculty Senate to ensure the program review process gives appropriate consideration to the quality of minors and to clarify where and when extra-departmental courses (UW-L prefix or college prefix) and programs come under review.  Chair McCoy will check into what colleges have college pre-fix courses.


The subcommittee will be Carol McCoy, Curt Czerwinski, Carla Graham,. Mary Morzinski, John Jax, and Haxia Lan.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40am.


Carol McCoy, recorder