Academic Program Review Committee

April 15, 2002

3:30 p.m., room 2076 HSC


Present:  Curt Czerwinski, Carla Graham, Carol McCoy, Helen Skala, Haixia Wang, Bill Coclough, Bruce Osterby, Joel Elgin, Mark Zellmer, Jearold Holland, George Arimond


An informational meeting designed to acquaint programs scheduled for academic program review in 2003-04 was held on April 15, 2002.  Carol McCoy, Chair of the Academic Program Review Committee introduced members and guests.  The program directors and chairs were provided an informational packet.  The difference in the process of review between the programs using an external consultant and those with external review(accreditation) were discussed.  Programs using an external consultant were advised that their self study is due to their Dean by June 2003 and every effort must be made to have the consultant visit the campus no later than September 2003.  The report of the consultant is to be included in the self study.  The programs with external review(accreditation) were advised that the self study they submit to their accrediting agency can be included in the self study submitted to the APRC but they must answer all the questions established as part of the self study report.  George Arimond commented that he thought the accreditation self study was all that was to be submitted.  Dr. McCoy replied he must answer all the questions set up as part of the APR.  He can reference the self study but he is not to submit the entire external accreditation self study as the answers must be easily obtained in the document.  The self study and accreditation report is due to the Dean by June, 03 and to the APRC by September 2003.

 George Arimond commented that the report from his accreditation agency might not be received by June.  Carol replied if it is not available and he would not be able to meet the September 2003 deadline, he could notify the Provost and the program could be reviewed the following year.  She commented this happened with the Music Department.


 The time tables for the two types of programs were reviewed and specific deadlines were identified.


The specifics on how to complete the self study was reviewed.  It was stressed of the importance to answer all the questions and to include the questions as headers is especially appreciated.


The most common problems cited during the APR review were discussed.  Dr. McCoy stressed the need to include documentation of results of outcomes assessment.  The programs should also identify what changes in the curriculum were made as a result of the findings.


Committee members added comments that they felt would assist in the process.


No additional concerns were voiced by the programs scheduled for review in 2003-04


The APRC held a short meeting following the departure of the guest.  Curt Czerwinski asked when the Music Department would be reviewed, Carol said she would ask the Provost.


The committee did not complete one charge from the Faculty Senate re establishing which academic support programs should be reviewed and to establish guidelines., nor did they add new majors to the schedule since they are not advised of this information. 

This will be communicated to the chair of the faculty senate.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.