Minutes: 9/10/02- Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)


Members Present:  Scott Cooper, Al Bigel, Mike Haupert, Sharon Jessee, Marc Rott, Lise Graham and Joyce Shanks


Members Excused:


Members Absent:   Sarah Shillinger and Bruce Riley


Consultants/Guests: Guy Herling, Stephanie Eberhart, Diane Schumacher, Amelia Dittman, Kathy Elgin, June Reinert, and Jan  von Ruden


1.           The meeting was called to order at 11:05 am by Chairperson, Scott Cooper.


2.       The minutes from the previous meeting were approved (7-0-0).


3.     The committee discussed a proposed policy to allow reduced course loads for students with a documented disability.  June Reinert and Jan von Ruden answered questions from committee members and will revise the proposal.  No action was taken.


4.     The Committee discussed the university’s policy on failed prerequisite courses with input from Ms. Diane Schumacher.  The committee decided not to pursue this issue.


5.     The Committee received a copy of a letter from Steve Senger, chair of the Faculty Senate, asking that the committee consider three additional charges.

                                a.  Monitoring the progress of the ongoing enrollment management policy (EM21).

                                b. Investigate why a disproportionate number of students leave UW-L after their second year.

                                c.  Review policies designed to discourage students from repeatedly withdrawing from courses.


6.       The meeting was adjourned at 12:02  pm


Respectfully submitted,

Marc A. Rott, Secretary