Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
November 19, 2002

Members Present:         Barbara Eide, Thomas Krueger, Jonathan Majak, Sandra Krajewski, Carol Angell, Mark Kelley, Kent Koppelman, Steve Simpson, Susan (Boon) Murray, Roger Haro, Kasilingham Periyasamy, Patricia Wilder, Carey O’Kelly

Members Absent:         Stephanie Connolly

Consultants:                  Greg Wegner, Ron Rada, Diane Schumacher

Guests:                          David Riley, Gwyneth Straker

1.     M/S/P to approve minutes of November 5, 2002.

 2.     Second Readings:

      Proposal #5R, P-T 681, Foundations of Clinical Research, course description, title, 2 credits, effective Spring 2003.  Research methodology with an emphasis on clinical research is the focus of this course.  Methods for critically evaluating the literature, literature search strategies, ethics in research, issues of control, measurement and some basic elements of research design will be discussed.  Students will formulate a research question and develop a research proposal.  Offered Sem. II.

P-T 682, Research and Applied Statistics, course description, title, 3 credits, effective Summer 2003.  Specific quantitative research designs and statistics with an emphasis on clinical research is the focus of this course.  The course will discuss methods for critically evaluating the literature based on the study design and statistical findings as well as their application to clinical practice.  Students will build on course content developed in Foundations of Research.  Prerequisite: P-T 681.  Offered summer session.  8-week summer course with 5.25 contact hrs/week.

Per recommendations at the first reading, course outlines and titles were changed to be more descriptive and MTH 205/505 struck as a prerequisite for both courses. The committee noted that the credit values had been switched from the current courses in the catalog. The dept chair was comfortable passing the courses as presented, assuming the switch was intentional. 

M/S/P to approve the proposal on the second reading.

 3.     First Readings:

      Proposal #6, C-S 454/554, Digital Image Processing, 3 credits, new course, effective Spring 2003.  This course introduces the fundamentals of digital image processing techniques with an emphasis on the design and implementation of image processing algorithms.  Topics include: color models, point-processing techniques, covolution, Fourier domain processing, the discrete cosine transform, image compression methodologies, image restoration and enhancement, sampling and image display.  Prerequisite: C-S 340.  This course cannot be taken for credit both at the undergraduate level and the graduate level.  Offered at lease once every two years.

M/S/P to approve the proposal on the first reading. The department will confirm that the new course will serve as an elective in the software engineering program.

4.     Old Business

5.   New Business—Chair Simpson announced that the Graduate Council had discussed the university strategic plan and asked GCC members if they wanted to also discuss it. It was suggested that the discussion was tabled until more information is available from Dan Duquette.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.  The next GCC meeting is December 3, 2002.


Diane L. Schumacher, GCC Secretary