November 4, 2002


Members Present:  Emily Johnson (chair), Justin Odulana, Jean M. Hindson, Sandy Grunwald, Mary Leonard, Roger W. Reinsch, Mitch Stone, Jess Hollenback, and Mike Winfrey

Consultants and Guests Present:  Bruce May, George Arimond, Nancy Navar, and Patricia Ardivino


The chair called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.


Approval of the Minutes of the October 21. 2002 Meeting.   It was M/S/P.


Announcements:  It was announced that there are two new student members, but neither could attend.


New Business: 

a.       Consideration of Psychology 285 description change – no discussion. M/S/P.

b.       Consideration of Writing in the Major Proposal from Therapeutic Recreation – much discussion and suggestions in regard to reworking the proposal to include both process and the substantive goal of the process (what is the purpose of each of the writing assignments).  It was agreed that they would be back with a revised proposal at the December 2, 2002 meeting.

Old Business: 

a.       Acceptance of additions to WIMP from Rec. Management – it was agreed that the suggested changes have been made, so no further action was required.

b.       Outcomes –

1.       Working Group Members – handout as to who is a member of each of the working groups.

2.       Reports from the working groups –

ü      Jean Hindson reported that she and Justin met and began the discussion on the Communication outcome.

ü      Sandy Grunwald reported that the members of her group met (Critical Thinking) and that some suggestions had been made. A revised draft has been e-mailed to Emily.

ü      Jess Hollenback reported that his group has not met, but that he has done some work on content knowledge and integration of knowledge.

ü      Mitchell Stone reported that his group has met.  The main focus of the discussion was to get away from only the U.S. perspective, even though it may be “global”, the current outcome still appears to be the U.S. version of global.

ü      Mary Leonard and her group have met and have had some discussion on the name of the outcome, Aesthetic Engagement.  She also received feedback from her department, Theater Arts.

c.       Discussion and planning for charge from Chancellor via Provost Hitch -  Chair Johnson raised the issue of moving the revision of the general education forward with a plan for restructuring in place by the close of the 2002-03 academic year, as requested by the Provost.  There was a discussion of this and a suggestion that the chair meet with the Provost to discuss the issue of the lack of time to accomplish a full reorganization plan. 


Meeting adjourned at 5:35 pm.


Next meeting on November 18, 2002.


Respectfully submitted,

Roger W. Reinsch