December 2, 2002


Present:  (Members): Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (chair), Justin Odulana, and Mike Winfrey

Consultants:  Bruce May, Guy Herling, and Diane Schumacher.

Guests: Nancy Navar and George Arimond


1.  The chair called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.


2.  Mitchell Stone agreed to record the minutes of the meeting.


3.  M/S/P: Minutes of the meeting of November 18, 2002 meeting with the following change under Old Business: “Michael Winfrey and Jess Hollenback will try to get together to discuss the knowledge and integration of knowledge outcome prior to the next meeting.” 


4.  Old Business:  

            a.  Therapeutic Recreation Writing-in-the-Major Proposal. 

                  Nancy Navar discussed changes the department had made to the TR WIMP.

                  M/S/P: Approve the Therapeutic Recreation Writing-in-the-Major-Proposal pending the following changes: Clarity regarding the role of audience as a criteria for writing effectiveness, more examples of Writing-to-learn assignments, and movement of the Wheelchair Reaction assignment to Writing-to-learn assignments.


            b.  Student learning outcomes.

·         Changes to the Critical Thinking outcomes were discussed.  By consensus this outcome as revised will be forwarded to the faculty senate for their review and feedback. (see attached).

·         Following discussion about the placement of student self-assessment into the Critical Thinking outcome the committee agreed that student self-assessment should be part of the General Education program document and that self-assessment become an expected part of each outcome.

·         Changes in wording to the Communication outcome were discussed.  By consensus this outcome as revised will be forwarded to the faculty senate for their review and feedback (see attached).

·          Jess Hollenback and Mike Winfrey indicated that they had not had time to meet to discuss further the Knowledge and Integration of Knowledge outcome. Work will continue in earnest at the beginning of spring semester. 

·         Mary Leonard e-mailed a revised version of the Aesthetic Engagement outcome to the committee.  Her subgroup suggested a name change from Aesthetic Engagement to Aesthetic Perspective. Discussion focused on the narrow or wide interpretation of “art” or “aesthetics” and that all outcomes were being developed to broadly represent learning experiences across disciplines.  Did the revisions reflect this broad perspective? (see attached revision and original version).

·         Mitchell Stone reported that the group discussing the Global Perspective met and he had e-mailed a revised copy (see attached) to Emily. Questions related to role of foreign language as a entrance requirement or other university requirement, the placement of diversity outcomes in this outcome or in the citizenship outcome were discussed.  No action was taken pending another look at the Citizenship outcome.


c.  Innovations in General Education Fund

·         Emily distributed the estimated cost of $5200 for sending a team of four individuals from the committee to attend the AAC&U’s working conference on General Education to be held in Philadelphia February 27-March 1, 2003.  The estimate was based on a three day stay and individual rooms. Members should get back to Emily as soon as possible regarding their availability and interest.

·         Other uses of the fund will be discussed at a subsequent meeting and a new deadline for proposals determined.


5.  New Business

a.  Steve Sharkey will be returning to UWL as part of the teaching and learning conference on January 21, 2003.  The committee agreed to hold a special session with Steve in the afternoon to receive feedback on the outcomes and continue work on these.  The session we run for about 2 1/2 hours. Members are expected to attend and others will be invited to participate.


b.  Emily mentioned that upcoming agenda items would likely include a course description change to Communication Studies 110.


6.  Next meeting will be Monday, February 03, 2003


Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Emily Johnson