General Education Committee Minutes

February 17, 2003

327 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at approximately 3:30 PM


Members Present:  Mary Leonard, Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (chair), Jess Hollenback, Justin Odulana, Roger Reinsch, Bruce Riley, Mike Winfrey


Consultants Present: Diane Schumacher, Bruce May, Terry Beck


Guests: Carol McCoy, Cris Prucha


1.         M/S/P               Approve the minutes of the February 3, 2003, meeting as distributed.


2.         Announcements:

  1. The committee was reminded that Governor Doyle will be giving a televised address Tuesday, February 18, evening regarding the next biennial budget.
  2. As a point of information, the committee was informed that it might receive a proposal to remove the courses C-S 101 from the general education program.  The SAH college committee is currently discussing the issue.
  3. Reservations for the general education conference in Philadelphia have been confirmed.  There have been some flight changes; committee members attending the conference should contact Emily regarding these changes.


3.         New Business:

a.   Carol McCoy, chair of the Clinical Science Department, presented proposed revisions to the clinical laboratory science (CLS) writing-in-the-major program.  The committee had concerns about how students entering the program later in their college careers complete the writing-in-the-major program, including:

·         The first writing activities in the program are assigned in CLI 200 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science; however, CLI 200 is an elective course because students entering the CLS program later in their college careers are not required to complete the course.

·         Students entering the CLS program through an articulation agreement are not required to complete several courses that include writing activities as part of the writing-in-the-major program.

Dr. McCoy will prepare and submit a report addressing the committee’s concerns prior to the next (March 3) committee meeting.

b.   Due to illness, Laura Nelson, chair of the Communication Studies Department, was not available to present proposed revisions to the CST 100 course.  Consequently, discussion of the proposal was postponed until the March 3 meeting.


4.         Old Business:

a.   A draft of the 2003 call for proposals for Innovation in General Education projects was distributed and discussed. The committee suggested some wording changes to the first category, including the addition of assessment initiatives, to delete item #2 related to redesigning a course from a freshmen level to a upper level course as being premature. Emily will work on final wording and send another draft to committee members for immediate feedback.  Proposals are due in the Provost’s Office on Friday, March 29.  Emily will try to place an announcement about the proposals in the Campus Connection for next week.


b.  Student learning outcomes.

·         Cris Prucha was available to discuss Information Literacy Outcomes as they related to the outcomes the committee has been working on.  In general, the Library Committee is pleased with the work of the GEC and has integrated most of their outcomes which are based on the “Information Literacy Competencies and Criteria for Academic Libraries in Wisconsin” adopted by the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians.  Three additional outcomes were suggested :

1. Assessing the effectiveness of the information seeking process.

Under Analytical Skills, consider this addition:

Understand that information seeking is an evolving non-linear process that requires continual analysis, assessment and refinement.

2. Information in diverse cultures

Under Global Perspectives consider this addition:

Recognize that the information environment varies among cultures and that to critically evaluate information from a different culture you must understand the information environment of that culture.

3. Ethics of Information use

Under Effective Citizenship (and social interaction) consider this addition:

Understand the ethics of information use and intellectual property rights including copyright, plagiarism, censorship, and privacy issues.

These will be considered as the committee works toward completion of the Global perspective/Citizenship outcome(s) and development of developmental levels for various components of each outcome.

·         Content Knowledge and Integration of Knowledge outcome was discussed. Minor wording changes were made (see attached) and by consensus the committee agreed to forward this to Faculty Senate.

·         Aesthetic Perspective outcome was discussed and approved (see attached). It will also be forwarded to Faculty Senate.

·         No further work has been done on the Global perspective/citizenship/values outcome. Emily will try to convene a group prior to the next meeting.  It is unclear whether these three areas will be combined or become three separate outcomes. Emily drew the committee’s attention back to Oakland University’s outcomes on these areas and asked them to consider whether their approach seems be appropriate or not for UWL’s Gen Ed program.

·         Jess Hollenback will try to convene a meeting with those interested in the “Systems” outcome.

·         Emily indicated that she will be forwarding to the committee comments from Terry Beck regarding some suggestions for the wording of outcomes.  She will also forward the outcomes that the English department developed relative to ENG 110. At a later meeting the committee will discuss the assessment of writing as proposed by ENG 110 subgroup of the English department.

·         No time was available to discuss the NCA criteria and Gen Ed.


 The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2003 at 3:30 p.m. in room 325 Graff Main Hall


Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted



Bruce Riley and Emily Johnson, Recorders