General Education Committee Minutes

February 3, 2003

325 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM


Members Present:  Mary Leonard, Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (Chair), Justin Odulana, Bruce Riley, Michael Winfrey


Consultants Present: Diane Schumacher, Bruce May


M/S/P   to approve the minutes of December 2, 2002




·         Mitchell Stone has resigned from UW-L and is being replaced by Bruce Riley (Mathematics) on the committee

·         Emily received few evaluations from the general Education Teaching conference January 21

·         The provost approved use of General Education funds to send members to the General Education conference in Philadelphia

·         The Faculty Senate looked at the General Education learning outcomes.  They had questions about how outcomes will be assessed


New Business:


1.   Bruce Riley presented a proposal to renumber MTH 205 (Statistics) to MTH 145.

      M/S/P to approve the change


2.   Upcoming business:

  • CST 110 name change and description
  • Library Committee submitted a recommendation on Integration of Information Literacy in Gen Ed.  Members should examine in relation to the new outcomes



Old Business:


3.   Emily distributed a summary of the January 21, 2003 General Education Committee Special session and reviewed comments from Steve Sharkey


4.   Mike Winfrey suggested “values” and self assessment be included in outcomes


5.   Justin Odulana suggested that faculty consider how their gen ed courses relate to the new outcomes.  The possibility of meeting with individual departments discussed.


6.   A timeline for accomplishing committee goals was discussed:

  • Complete Learning Outcomes by March 14
  • The following outcomes need completion:

Ø      Global Perspectives (Emily, Justin, Sandy)

Ø      Aesthetic Perspective (Emily, Mary)

Ø      Integration of Knowledge (Jess, Mike)

Ø      Effective Citizenship (?)

Ø      Analysis of Systems (Jess, Jean, Bruce)



7.   The location of an appreciation for diversity was discussed.  One possible recommendation was to combine Global Perspectives and Effective Citizenship and diversity be included in this category.


8.   Update on the General Education Fund:

  • Emily estimates that there is a $15,000 carryover from last year
  • Approximately $3,500 will be spent for stipends for the Problem Base Learning and Case Based Learning participants
  • Options of projects to fund were discussed (e.g. assessment)
  • A deadline of March 29 will be established.


9.   The next meeting (February 17) will meet in Room 327 Main Hall


10.  We will meet March 10 as March 17 is during Spring Break



The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM



Respectfully submitted, 



Mike Winfrey