General Education Committee Minutes

March 10, 2003

325 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at 3:35 PM


Members Present:  Mary Leonard, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (chair), Jess Hollenback, Justin Odulana, Sandy Grunwald, Bruce Riley, Mike Winfrey


Consultants Present:  Diane Schumacher, Bruce May, John Magerus


  1. M/S/P Approve the minutes of March 3, 2003, with addition of a concern expressed that the Gen Ed outcomes are overly complex and not doable.
  2. Announcements: 

·         Provost Hitch would like the Gen Ed committee to look at the elimination of CS101 being eliminated from the Gen Ed program.  What are the outcomes related to that course, how will the students be absorbed elsewhere, and who is affected (students and programs).  It was determined that the content of the course needs to be examined and the course syllabus will be circulated.  Send concerns/recommendations of this elimination to Emily.

·         His 101 is the make up course for repeating HIS 152 and to make up HIS 151, HIS 101 or 102 will suffice.  Also if students have not taken HIS 151 or 152 then they can take HIS 101 or 102.

·         Recommend an increase in the Gen Ed Committee size to be gradual.  Next year possibly have an increase by 2 reps from Teacher Education and from the Writing in the Major and Communication programs.

 3.  Old Business:

Discussion of Outcomes:

·         Knowledge w/integration of complex systems – Jess explained the 2 new bullets dealing with complex systems into integration of knowledge.  This leaves a total of 6 items into integration of knowledge.  There was consensus to incorporate these 2 complex system bullets into integration of knowledge. 

·         Global Perspectives draft – Concerns were as follows: too specific, too many bullets, condense if possible, made more simple and clear, look at a different organization.

·         Responsible Citizenship and Ethical Decision Making – 2/10/02 draft which has incorporated Jess’ comments but not Jean’s specifically.  Overall comment was that it was good and flows well.

·         Emily will put together a compilation of the outcomes by 3/11/03 and send by 3/12/03.  Committee members are to send editorial comments back to Emily by 3/13/03.  She will then send email and hard copies to faculty senate and chairs by the end of the week.


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Grunwald