SEPTEMBER 30, 2002

  Emily Johnson (chair), Mike Winfrey, Sandra Grunwald, Tom Pribek, Roger Reinsch, Justin Odulana, Jess Hollenback
ABSENT (EXCUSED): Mary Leonard, Jean Hindson   
CONSULTANTS & GUESTS PRESENT:  Terry Beck, Diane Schumacher, Michael Nelson, Guy Herling, Petra Roter, Bruce May, Sandra Keller

The chair called the meeting to order at 3:35. 

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE SEPTEMBER 16, 2002 MEETING: It was unanimously M/S/P to approve the minutes as submitted. 

NOTIFICATION OF THE FACULTY SENATE CHARGE TO THIS COMMITTEE FOR THE 2002-2003 ACADEMIC YEAR:   The chair then distributed copies of the Faculty Senate's charge to the committee.  There were two main items in this charge: 
   (1) complete work on the learning outcomes regarding the demonstration of  EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS for the Senate's review this fall and consider presenting two more outcomes for its review in the spring. 
    (2) consider assessing the incoming freshmen in terms of their knowledge, skills, and disposition as part of our discussion of what the "freshman experience" ought to be.  How can the freshman orientation be used to come to a better understanding of our freshman class? 

DISCUSSION OF OUTCOMES:  The chair then passed out some materials from our August workshop regarding the refinement of some of our proposed outcomes and gave us some other materials for "Writing Learning Outcomes for the Core Curriculum" from other institutions.  We then began a lengthy discussion of what we meant by "effective oral and written communications skills."  We did not arrive at any final results.  The committee compared Alverno College's list of  "8 general areas of ability" that they used as outcomes of liberal arts education to our list of six.  Following this discussion the committee identified a list of abilities (see below) from which we will work to refine our General Education Learning Outcomes. Each outcome must be clarified by wording that describes specifically what we expect students will know and are able to do that demonstrates mastery or proficiency. 

   "Abilities that students completing the General Education Program should have are:
        ----communication skills    
        ----critical thinking skills    
        ----content knowledge       
        ----integration of knowledge          

        ----global perspective        
        ----analysis of complex systems
        ----aesthetic engagement 
        ----social interaction and effective citizenship"  

Work groups representing each of these abilities were then created, two GEC members per group. The groups will be responsible for defining the outcome specifically and begin development of an initial assessment plan for each outcome.  Members volunteered or were assigned to groups as follows: 
    Mike Winfrey------------aesthetic engagement & integration of knowledge
    Jess Hollenback-------analysis of complex systems & integration of knowledge
    Roger Reinsch----------global perspective & critical thinking
    Sandra Grunwald-------content knowledge &  critical thinking
    Jean Hindson------------communication skills & analysis of complex systems
    Mary Leonard------------aesthetic engagement &  one to be determined
    Tom Pribek---------------to be determined

    Justin  Odulana---------to be determined


The chair will be involved in all groups as much as possible. Members were encouraged to think of others who would be good participants in these work groups.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jess Hollenback