Hearing Committee Minutes

Friday, April 25, 2003

7:50-8:25 Room 327 Main Hall


Present:      Rafique Ahmed, John Betton (Chair), Sandy Sechrest, Joyce Shanks, Keith Sherony, Dean Stroud 

Excused:    Rick Gillis, Andy Matchett, Sara Sullivan

I. Review "Hearing Committee Procedures for Appeals of Non-Renewal Decisions" document


II. M/S/Pass the following two revisions to the document:


A. Under the title the following phrase should be added: "All complaints shall be filed with the Chairperson of the Hearing Committee in accordance with UWS and UWL 3.08."


B. Change III C to read: "The time used to entertain questions from the committee during presentations shall not count toward the party's time allotment."