International Education Committee Minutes

                                             November 20, 2002


Members Present:  J. Majak, chair; M.T. Aritan; G.D. Gilmore; D. Kuderer; S. Scherwitz

Members Absent:  S. Johnson-Rodrig, excused; S.N. Rajagopal, excused; D. Stapleton, excused.

Consultants Present:  E. Kraemer; L. Swayhoover


  1. Minutes from November 6th were reviewed and approved.
  2. Update from L. Swayhoover that preparations were being made for a delegation from China which will be arriving in town on November 21st.
  3. Update from Professor Kraemer that course proposals for INS continue to come in, and are being reviewed.
  4. Proposal for New Foreign Study Tour submitted by Professor Mary Davidson reviewed.  Professor Davidson was present to offer an overview of the study tour.  Following Professor Davidson’s overview, questions for her from the committee members included:

·        What are the preparatory arrangements being made prior to departing the U.S.? Professor Davidson responded that one meeting is planned; these are mature students and not too much is needed.  A committee member commented that there would need to be some consideration given to the new cultural context.

·        What is the travel itinerary?   Professor Davidson responded that there will be 3 days in London upon the group’s arrival in order to have the participants acclimate to the time and cultural distinctions.  London museum and portrait gallery visitations will take place. The group then will spend 8 days in Grasmere experiencing the environment of the authors they will be reading and discussing.  On the return trip, 2-3 days will be spent in London. 

·        What lodging arrangements are being established?  Professor Davidson mentioned that there are cottages in the middle of the village of Grasmere, and also a youth hostel.  Students would be lodging about 5 minutes away from the study tour director.

·        Will you be using the same student evaluation procedures as in your on-campus syllabus?  Professor Davidson stated that there will not be a final paper for this tour, but rather, a written and oral final examination prior to the return of the group.

·        Will the entire group return together?  Professor Davidson said that students who want to stay longer can do so.  She believes that the study tour director does not have to stay with the students.


            Following Professor Davidson’s meeting with the committee, committee member

            discussion ensued.  Concern was raised regarding students returning at different

            times than the study tour director.  Where there potential liability and safety

            issues?  Committee members also raised the issues of monitoring and the

            availability of health-related resources, if needed.  L. Swayhoover did mention

            that several of the issues raised would be discussed in some measure through her

            orientation session with the students.  She stated that she will be sharing UW

            System policies and procedures with Professor Davidson.


            Due to the concerns, the committee requested that the committee chair raise the  

            following questions with Professor Davidson for response:


(1)    What is known about the availability of health-related resources in

      Grasmere, should the need arise?

(2)    How will the study tour director maintain contact with the participants?

(3)    Will there be a contact person at the youth hostel for the students?

(4)    How will the study tour director assure the safe return of the participants?


  1. There being no further business, the committee meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


      Respectfully submitted,


      Gary D. Gilmore