International Education Committee

Committee Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2003


Present: Jonathan A.Majak ,S.N. Rajgopal,  Sharon L. Scherwitz   Donald R. Kuderer,

               Mehmet T. Aritan

              Eric R. Kraemer (Ex Officio ISP), Lisa M. Swayhoover (I.S.O.),

              Hong Rost (for Jay M. Lokken, I.S.O.)

Guests: Nancy Navar, Patricia Ardovino, Jennifer Terpstra, M.Beth Cherne, Ruthann Benson

Absent: Jac D. Bulk (excused), Gary D. Gilmore (excused), Sarah L. Johnston-Rodrig (excused),  Andrew M. Stapleton (excused)


1. Meeting Called to Order at 4:00 PM


2. Minutes of the February 5 meeting were unanimously approved as corrected.


3. Reports:

 (i) Hong Rost (for Jay Lokken-ISO):

·         Lisbeth Reynertson of ISO is collecting data from IT on 

              international students status as required by the INS.

  (ii) Eric Kraemer (International Studies Program):

·         people are still confusing  ISO and ISP.


4. Discussion of Proposals


(i)  Proposal # 1 (New Zealand Trip-N.Navar and P.Ardovino))


 The Navar and Ardovino gave an overview of their proposal noting the following points:


·         the study tour will take place during J-Term (Jan.2-24,2004)

·         any U.S. participant will enroll through UW-L.

·         any New Zealand participant will enroll through Southern Institute of Technology of      

              New Zealand (contact, academic faculty Fran Coffey Stanat)

  • Selfexposure Company (a commercial local outfit) will staff the events/activities

  .          (e.g.; activities faculty)

  • arrangements will be made for orientation with “Blackboard” presentation.
  • part of the budget will go to support 10, disabled New Zealand participants.
  • the budget is still incomplete. (a) estimated minimum of students to break- even is 15

  (b) approximate total cost per U.S. participant at this time is $ 5,000.00

  (c) trip leader P. Ardovino’s salary is included.

  (d) airfare of  $ 1,500 was found too high. I.S.O. will help with trip arrangements



(ii) Proposal # 2 (London, England Trip – J.Terpstra,  M.B.Cherne, R. Benson)


  • The tour will combine activities from the three courses (Theatre, Arts, and Honors).
  • Post-trip presentations are required of participants.
  • Planning of interdisciplinary Art Appreciation course may include Music Appreciation as well.


Action Taken by the Committee on Proposals:


Proposal # 1 (New Zealand Trip)


This proposal is in need of the following:


  • letters of support from the College Dean and the Department and the  departmental designation  as an Umbrella Course
  • an itinerary
  • a budget
  • articulation of agreements between the UW-L. and S.I.Tech. of New  Zealand – need a letter from that institution approving this proposal  and a Vita for instructor Fran Coffey Stanat
  • liability and insurance issues need to be clarified at both ends


Proposal # 2 (London, England Trip)


The Committee chair will convey to the tour leaders following:

  • that there be enrollment balance in the three courses with at least seven students otherwise the instructor will personally make up the difference.
  • The leaders seek more competitive airfare rates.


M/S/P  to approve the London study tour


Other Business:


Persistent absence of certain Members of this Committee was discussed.


M/S/P  for the Committee chair to report this to the chair of the Faculty Senate in order to seek replacements.



Meeting Adjourned: 5:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mehmet T. Aritan