Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
October 22, 2002

Members Present:   Ronald Glass, Donald Socha, Mitchell Stone, Carol Angell, Travis McBride, Sharon Casey, Robert Klindworth, Adrienne Loh, Andrew Matchett, Dean Wilder, Brian Finnigan, Nick Osborne

Members Absent:    Mary Heim (exc), Jamie Lee Bergum (exc)

Consultants:            Emily Johnson, Amelia Dittman, Carla Burkhardt, John Magerus, Diane Schumacher

Guests:                   Kathryn Hollon, Sandy Keller

1.         Jennifer Williams-Terpstra has resigned from the committee.  A replacement is yet to be determined.

2.         M/S/P to approve minutes of October 8, 2002.

3.         Second Readings – None.

4.         First Readings:

   Proposal #7, ERS/SOC 280, Hmong Americans, 3 credits, new course, effective Spring 2003.  This course provides an introductory overview of Hmong history, culture, and contemporary adaptation in the United States of America.  Areas of exploration will include ancient and modern Hmong history, the Hmong oral tradition, the traditional clan and leadership structure, Hmong musical heritage, Hmong craft heritage, marriage and funeral practices, child-rearing customs, traditional methods of conflict resolution, the tradition of ancestor worship, and herbal and spiritual healing practices.  Contemporary developments and adjustment issues within the Hmong communities will be discussed.  These will include current Hmong business initiatives, educational achievements, utilization of welfare institutions, the role of Hmong Mutual Assistance Associations, intergenerational conflicts, youth gangs, traditional v. modern family structure, and Hmong exposure to public prejudices and discriminatory practices.  Throughout the course Hmong achievements and triumphs over adversity also will be highlighted.  Prerequisite: Sophomore standing recommended.  Cross-listed with SOC.  Can only receive credit in ERS or SOC.  Offered Sem. II.

 M/S/P to approve the proposal on the first reading.

5.        Old Business

6.         New Business

   Andy Matchett shared an email exchange between Steve Senger and himself, regarding several issues: 1) concerns about the frequency with which UCC waives second readings, 2) notifying departments of upcoming agenda items to ensure that departments that are impacted by changes have an opportunity to provide input, and 3) developing a hierarchy of criteria for reviewing proposals. Andy will draft a hierarchy for the committee to discuss at the next meeting, incorporating the Kraemer list.  Others were invited to send Andy their suggestions. The committee discussed what its role is, how it should spend its time, and what is “fair game” for review when a proposal is brought to UCC. This topic will be on the next agenda, including the hierarchy and the best way to notify depts, i.e. email, Web, Campus Connection.

The meeting adjourned at 5:07 p.m.  The next UCC meeting is November 12, 2002.

Diane L. Schumacher
UCC Secretary