UW-L Academic Program Review Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2003

116 Cowley Hall



Members Present: Curt Czerwinski (chair), John Jax, Chuck Lee, Kasi Periyasamy, Andrew Matchett

Excused: Richard Pine, Paul Keaton

Absent: Helen Skala, Haixia Lan


Guests: Akorlie Nyatepe-Coo, Betsy Morgan, Jim Batesky, Pat DiRocco, Joyce Shanks, Carol Angell, Kent Koppleman, Teri Staloch, Dean Stroud, Carol Kirk, Rob Dixon


Meeting was convened by Curt at 11:03


I.  Overview/Purpose of the Meeting (Curt)

§         To review the program review process for departments scheduled for review in 2004-05 cycle

§         These programs include Educational Studies, Exercise and Sports Science, and Psychology


II. Summary of APR Process (Curt)

§         Non-accredited programs

§         Accredited programs

§         APR committee report

§         Timeline (document handout)

§         Guidelines for external consultant (handout)

§         Format for APR self-study.  There was a question regarding electronic copies of program self studies.  Will the committee accept electronic submissions?  Curt will look into this and report back.

§         Unit data sheets (Akorlie)


III. Chair’s Report to the Committee

§         Self study reports are coming in.  The committee may have to revise sub-committee assignments.  Curt will send out a memo.



Meeting Adjourned: 11:40

Chuck Lee, Secretary.