APR Meeting Minutes
Feb. 18, 2004

Present: Curt Czerwinski, Andrew Matchett, Helen Skala, John Jax,  Kasi Periyasamy, Paul Keaton, Dean Stroud, Tom Gendreau

Absent: Georges Cravins, Chuck Lee, Joan Temple

1. The meeting was called to order at 11:09 a.m. by the chair, Curt  Czerwinski.

2. The Chair distributed a packet containing the meeting agenda and  several additional pages.

3. Curt gave the committee an update on the self-studies. Three have been received already: Physician's Assistant, College of Business  Administration programs (all in one document), and Recreation  Management/Therapeutic Recreation. Expected soon are Art and  Philosophy. Postponed until 2004-2005 are Chemistry and  Mathematics. Having unclear status are Music, International  Studies, and English. We may or may not do those three this  year.

4. A sign-up sheet was passed around on which persons could sign up  for subcommittees.

5. Copies of the self study documents will reside in room 4004,  Cowley, under the care of Lori Hanson. Those reviewing the  programs whose review documents are already submitted should check  out copies, review them, and send Curt, via email, questions for  the units under review to answer when the subcommittees meet with  those units. The questions should be sent to Curt by March 3.

6. The chair discussed with the committee guidelines for the review  process and format guidelines for our reports.

7. There was a brief discussion of the draft of guidelines for reports on interdisciplinary minors that are not housed within specific departments. The Committee will revisit this at the next meeting  with an eye to finalizing those guidelines, as requested by the  Faculty Senate.

8. The Committee has been charged with the job of recommending how and  when extra-departmental courses such as UWL 100 and SAH 105 should be reviewed. That will be coming up at a future meeting.

9. The committee discussed a process for a University wide review of  the program array. An ad hoc committee is in the process of  formulating guidelines on the process for such a review. The  strong desire was expressed not to have faculty duplicating work  that the PPR committee had already done. final recommendation to  the Faculty Senate

10. Adjournment at 12:02 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted,
 Andrew Matchett
 Mathematics Department