Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
September 16, 2003

Members Present:         Eide, Kuffel, Elgin, Angell, Schwan, B.Seebach, P.Wilder, Majak, Steffen

Members Absent:         Dehn (exc.) Reis (exc.), R.Krajewski

Consultants:                  May, Venneman, Stroud, Schumacher

Guests:                         none

1.   Elections:  Chair—Patricia Wilder; Wilder unable to serve as representative on Graduate Council, Bill Schwan agreed to fill that role.

                           Secretary—Diane Schumacher

2.   Diversity Advisory Board representative not designated due to lack of information about role and meeting schedule. Will put on 10/7 agenda.

3.   Distributed notebooks

M/S/P to discuss adopting UCC Guidelines and Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals

M/S/P to adopt UCC Guidelines and Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals to serve the same purpose for the GCC.


4.  M/S/P to approve the May 6, 2003 minutes.


5.   Second readings: None

6.      First readings: None

7.   Consent Agenda: None

8.      Old Business: None

9.      New Business: The chair asked the secretary to notify department chairs that this is a graduate catalog year and identify the deadlines to guarantee inclusion in the catalog.

10.  Meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 7, 2003, room 325 GMH.

Diane L. Schumacher
GCC Secretary