Friday, March 26, 2004 (2:30 p.m.)

26 Mitchell Hall


Members Present: G. Tymeson, Chair, R. Dixon, T. Krueger, M. McGuigan, D. Reineke, B. Schwan, D. Sutherland, and Jason Winchester (Student Rep.)


Members Excused: C. Logterman (Student Rep.), M. Thorman, and Sarah Johnston-Rodriguez


Consultants       B. May, R. Mikat, D. Schumacher, and M. Venneman



Consultants       C. Martin-Stanley



Others Present:      G. Straker (Dept. of Health Professions) and M. Zellmer (Physician Assistant Program)


1.         Approval of the minutes from March 12, 2004.

            M/S/P to approve the minutes of March 12, 2004.  (6 yes, 0 no)


2.         Exception Request for Assistant Graduate Faculty Membership: 

            College of Science and Allied Health – Physician Assistant Program.


  • Mark Zellmer, Physician Assistant Program Director, provided a brief overview of the PA Program and its transition from an undergraduate to a graduate program.  A discussion took place regarding the exception request for Assistant Graduate Faculty Membership for three PA Academic Staff members:  Applicant A, Applicant B, and Applicant C.
  • The qualifications and experiences of the three people were discussed. It was noted that they do not have graduate degrees.  However, the department expects them to all actively pursue a graduate degree over the next 3-5years.


M/S/P to approve Applicant A, Applicant B, and Applicant C for Assistant Graduate Faculty Membership.  (6 yes, 0 no)


  • Approved for the usual 5-year term with the following stipulations:


  1. They must make continual satisfactory progress towards their graduate degrees.
  2. They must stay continuously enrolled in their graduate programs.
  3. By October 15, 2006, the Department Chair and Dean’s office must submit to the Graduate Council a progress report on their graduate degree completion.
  4. They must maintain continued Professional Certification in their field of expertise.


In addition, the Graduate Council understands that these persons will not supervise graduate level Capstone Research Projects until completion of their graduate degrees. 


3.   UW-Graduate Business Consortium Internet MBA Degree


  • Dr. Bruce May gave an overview of the “Entitlement to Plan” and Authorization to Implement” for the UW Graduate Business Consortium MBA Degree.


1.      The Consortium consists of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Eau Claire, Oshkosh, and Parkside, and operates in partnership with UW Extension Learning Innovations in Madison.

2.      The Colleges of Business from each institution are processing the proposals through their respective universities.

3.      All universities have undergraduate and MBA programs that are accredited by AACSB International.

4.      The consortium will award the degrees.


Dr. Tom Krueger, CBA faculty member, gave a brief overview of his teaching on the Internet for the MBA program.


M/S/P:  Graduate Council provides a positive endorsement for the Internet MBA Degree Program. (7 yes, 0 no)


4. Guidelines for Graduate Student Appeals to the Graduate Council


M/S/P to approve the document entitled “Guidelines for Student Appeals to the Graduate Council”.  (7 yes, 0 no)


5. Update on Thesis “I” grades –Financial Aid Implications:


Garth provided a summary of information from a conversation with Jim Finn, UW-La Crosse Financial Aids Director.  Jim recommended we continue to use the “I” grade on the permanent transcript, and not request retroactive “W” grades (for students who switch from thesis to nonthesis options).  He felt there could be loan repayment issues, and possible “red flags” if audits of financial aid records occurred.


Next Meeting:  April 9, 2004 (Review of Graduate Faculty Membership Applications and continued discussion of GRC 799 – Graduate Research Continuation for summer session).


Meeting adjourned 3:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Fran Temp, Recording Secretary


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