General Education Committee Minutes

February 16, 2004

325 Main Hall


Members Present: Mary Leonard, John Betton, Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (Chair), Bruce Riley, Brian Udermann, Mike Winfrey, Matt Palma (student rep0

Members Absent: None

Members Excused: None

Consultants Present: Diane Schumacher


1.  Meeting called to order at 3:35 PM


2.  M/S/P Approve GEC minutes from Jan 20th and Feb 2


3.  Chair Announcements


A.     AAC&U conference updates were given.  Mike Haupert from CBA, Mike Winfrey and Emily Johnson will be attending

B.     There are ~ 150 new exit surveys to score

C.     Still exploring the development of an alumni survey

D.     Update of FYE and Structure joint meeting

§         Continuing to discuss and identify core courses

§         Discussed various options for a freshmen seminar and where UWL 100 fits into the pilot projects and revised Gen Ed program

§         Maybe link UW-L 100 courses to existing courses, revise existing courses, or create a freshman research seminar

E.      Reviewed responses from faculty / department regarding GE pilot projects

§         A number of concerns were raised by departments and GEC regarding a set of core courses (e.g., will a “set core” really add to the FYE)? Discussion followed

F.      Discussion on what defines a “technologically literate” student.  There was also some discussion of the reduction in the number of seats in CS 101 and how this could impact GE and various programs/majors across campus.  Chair indicated that she had asked Dave Riley and others to define “technological literacy” for UWL students and the role C-S 101 played in developing this literacy


4. New Business

A.     GEC upcoming meetings in March

§         GEC meetings March 1 and March 29 (since the 3rd Monday falls during spring break)

B.     Subcommittees should meet, if possible, March 8 and March 22

C.     By consensus, no additional dates will be set to review GE course proposals

D.     Discussion whether UW-L 100 should be counted as a Gen Ed course. No decision.

E.      Chair distributed a draft form for Pilot projects for 2004-2005.  She would like feedback on the form as soon as possible so that it can be sent to faculty who have expressed an interest in participating in the projects for next year.

F.      Chair suggested that GEC host some Brown Bag discussions for faculty/staff interested in participating in pilot programs.  These discussions would allow a Q/A period about the projects, the goals of the projects, updates on Gen Ed, and a chance to share ideas. Chair will look into possible dates  in late March and/or early April.

G.     Chair distributed a draft of one possible structure for Gen Ed. She indicated that the Structure subcommittee had looked at a few different ideas. The goal in distributing this draft was to get GEC to provide feedback to the Structure subcommittee. 

H.     Use of Gen Ed fund not discussed


Meeting Adjourned


Next Meeting, Monday, March 1 3:30 p.m. Room 325 Graff Main Hall


Respectfully submitted, 

Brian Udermann, Recorder