Minutes of General Education Committee 3/1/04


Present: Bettton, Grunwald, Hindson, Hollenback, Johnson(chair), Leonard, Udermann,

              Winfrey. Beck(consultant), Schumacher(consultant).


Meeting came to order at 3.35 p.m.


M/S/P approve minutes from 12/1 and 12/8 meetings


Chair’s report:

1)      Chair reported meeting with Provost.  She is requesting a draft of structure by end of summer. The pilot projects were also discussed.

2)      Update on senior survey- fall data similar to spring data. Spring data includes more representation from SAH. CST 110 and ENG 110 were identified as valuable classes

Science majors viewed science writing as important. Student comments indicated that diversity and global perspectives classes were highly valued. Some students also mentioned that they wanted challenging classes while others indicated that they thought Gen Ed classes should be easier than those in the major, that they should be interesting and/or linked to their major.  Some found General education classes helpful for choosing major and some felt Foreign language should be required.

3)      Chair discussed the possibility of Brown bag lunches and information sessions for the campus community to discuss the pilot projects and progress being made on revisions to Gen Ed.  Members selected Mondays and Fridays as the days they are more available.  Chair recommended that we think about other faculty development opportunities in light of early suggestions that faculty who teach in General Education should be certified similar to Writing Emphasis certification. 

4)      Chair reported on faculty interest in the pilot projects and stalled effort to get a web-based alumni survey off the ground.

5)      Jean Hindson reported on meeting with Praxis II testing that will be mandated for education majors and implications for teacher education, General Education and the university if less than 70% of students do not pass the test.


Subcommittee reports:

1)      Assessment subcommittee reported on expansion of global perspective assessment.  They will continue to meet regarding writing assessment.

2)      FYE subcommittee emphasized need to distinguish freshmen year experience from freshmen seminar

3)      Motion from joint FYE and Structure subcommittees:

M/S/P  “ Students who successfully complete a freshman seminar shall receive 1-3 general education credits.


     Old business;

1)      Pilot project forms presented at the last meeting were approved.  This is a way to keep track of who plans to use the Human Rights theme or participate in other projects.

2)      Approved request for reviewing at least one new course yet this semester as a “test” of our new criteria.  The INS sequence of three one-credit courses is ready for review and the instructor for these courses as well as the Director of International Studies program is willing to make these courses our “test case.” However, as one of the first items of business at the March 29, 2004 meeting we will discuss the question “What makes a Gen Ed course a Gen Ed course?” This may help us as we begin to review new course proposals. April 5 will be the first opportunity for the first read on this course proposal.

3)      The deadline for proposals for the Innovation in General Education Fund will be March 29, 2004.  The Chair will make sure the announcement gets into Campus Connection next week.  The priorities include work on pilot projects, learning communities, first year experience courses, revisions of courses to become more outcome based, and development of strategies and tools for assessing General Education learning outcomes.


The next “regularly” scheduled meeting will be March 29, 2004 at 3:30 in room 325.  This meeting makes up for the missed meeting during spring break.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


John Betton, Recorder