General Education Committee Minutes

September 15, 2003

327 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at approximately 3:35 PM

Members Present:  Mary Leonard, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (chair), Jess Hollenback, Sandy Grunwald, Bruce Riley, Mike Winfrey, Ray Martinez

Consultants Present:  John Magerus, Bruce May, Terry Beck


I.  Minutes

M/S/P to Approve the minutes of May 5,2003, as distributed.

M/S/P to Approve the minutes of “Jump Start” September 4, 2003 meeting, as distributed.


II.  Introductions and Announcements

§   GEC will meet on September 29 for an extra meeting.

§   The Provost and Faculty Senate urges GEC to move toward implementation of a pilot program for fall of 2004 based on learning outcomes.

§   GEC should send to Faculty Senate a Revised Criteria for Review of Gen ED courses (a revised LX form) prior to implementation of the criteria.

§   Announcement that the moratorium on new GE courses will be lifted will not happen until after Faculty Senate approves GEC’s revised Review Criteria


III.  Faculty Senate Charge

A .   Assess the current general education program relative to one or more of the new outcomes.  Report to senate the results.

B .   Propose a structure for the general education program (this could consist of modifications to the current program)

C .   Prepare to implement the structure in a “pilot” program


IV.  GEC activities (course of action) for the year.

A .   Possible dates for course review given the lifting of the moratorium were discussed. Chair proposed that November 3 & 17 be set aside for reviewing new course and writing in the major proposals for Fall semester. Review dates need to be made in light of the due dates for class schedules for fall 2004.  M/S/P that November 3 shall be the first reading of any new courses or writing in major proposals.  November 17 shall be the second reading. M/S/P to set aside February 2 for the first reading of new courses or writing in major proposals, and February 16 for the second reading of new courses or writing in major proposals for spring semester.

B .   Need for more meeting time was discussed. Meeting every Monday in fall semester is not possible and may conflict with departmental and other meetings in the spring. M/S/P for the GEC to hold a 3-4 hour meeting during the in-service week of January. (Specific date TBA)

C .   Criteria for evaluation of courses submitted to GEC for inclusion in the General Education Program” document was discussed as distributed. A motion was made and seconded to accept this criteria.  Considerable discussion ensued.  M/S/P. Combine the first four levels found in Part II  # 3of the criteria into two levels: Beginning and Intermediate.  M/S/P In Part II, # 2: Remove the language in parentheses: “and at what level of proficiency.”  M/S/P In Part II, # 2 change wording to read: Learning Activities:  Please describe the inquiry based learning and other learning activities that will enable students to achieve these outcomes.” 


Extensive discussion occurred on item # 4: Assessment.

§         Terry Beck suggested that each department file a report of assessment progress and report results to GEC every few years.

§       General discussion about providing assessment reports took place.  The Chair suggested that as part of the revisions in Gen Ed a modified assessment plan, timeline and structure may need to be created.

§       M/S/P In Part II, # 4:  The section should read: “ The General Education Committee is committed to on-going assessment and improvement of the General Education program.  Toward this end, departments/programs are expected to conduct and report assessment of student learning in their general education course.

§      Motion passed to approve the criteria for review of new General Education Courses as modified.  The criteria will be forwarded to the Senate Executive Committee.


D.  Recommendations/motions for requirements in revised GE program.

Motions distributed by Mike Winfrey were seconded.

1.       The new general education program require a freshman experience.  This could be fulfilled by UWL 100 or an equivalent/similar freshman seminar type course.

2.       The new general education program require an interdisciplinary experience.  This could be fulfilled by an interdisciplinary course, or taking two "linked" courses from different disciplines

3.       The new general education program require a capstone experience.  This could be fulfilled by a Capstone course in a major (minor?), undergraduate research project, clinical rotation, (others?)

§         Some discussion on the motions took place, but given the lateness of the day, members felt these needed more of committee’s time. M/S/P to table this discussion for the September 29 meeting. 

V.  Other

A .   Integrated Learning Project.  “Go for it, Bill. ”  The committee endorsed the idea of UW-L putting forth a proposal to participate in this national project.  If Bill Cerbin is still willing he will be asked to write the proposal with full support of GEC.

B .   Emily will meet with the Dean’s Council to discuss the issue of SCH and the General Education Program.


Meeting adjourned at 5:29 PM. 



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Leonard