International Education Committee

October 8, 2003 Meeting Minutes


Present: D. Kuderer, Chair; M. Aritan; G. Cravins; K. Koppelman; N. Navar;

C. Niedzwiecki; S. Rajagopal


Consultants: L. Swayhoover; S. Sieber


  1. Koppelman agreed to serve as recorder for today’s meeting.
  2. International Education Office: Swayhoover reported the following: (a) the Office of International Education Director, Jay Lokken and Chancellor Hastad are traveling to Egypt as a follow up to a 3Rivers Conference in Dubna. Also, L. Reynertson and H. Rost (both from the OIE) are in Taiwan for a recruitment fair. Other recruitment trips have been panned for this fall. The recent budget cuts have not hurt travel for recruiting international students, although some events were postponed or cancelled; (b) the Chancellor is currently reviewing a draft of OIE’s strategic plan for study abroad. This plan will eventually come before this committee.


  1. International Studies Curriculum-Director’s Report: E. Kraemer was unable to be at the meeting today.


  1. The committee reviewed and discussed the revised “Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs.” There was some discussion of having the initial proposal referred to as a “pre-proposal” that would become a final proposal after details of the trip had been finalized. No motion was made to amend the guidelines with regard to this issue. Geography was added to the list under “Culture” on page 4 (by consensus) and it was M/S/P to change the application procedures on page 2 to read that 15 copies of the proposal are to be submitted to the Office of International Education and then forwarded to the Chair of the International Education Committee. After some additional editorial changes, it was M/S/P to approve the revised guidelines as amended.


  1. The Chair distributed copies of Chancellor Hastad’s comments about International Education from the All-University Address. The chair asked committee members to review these comments and to develop topics and questions for our November 5th meeting with the Chancellor and Provost. The main agenda for our next (Oct. 22) meeting will be to develop topics and questions for the November 5th meeting.


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Kent Koppelman