International Education Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2004

342 Cartwright Center


Present: Don Kuderer (Chair), Ashley Burrowes, Jeff Bryan, Georges Cravins, April Handtke (Academic Staff Representative), Jenny Hill (Student Association Representative), Nancy Navar, Patricia Nelson, S. N. Rajagopal, Lisa Swayhoover (OIE, Consultant)


Excused: Kent Koppelman, Eric Kraemer (INS, Consultant), Jay Lokken (OIE, Consultant)


I.                   The meeting was called to order by Chair Kuderer at 12:12 pm.


II.                Approval of the Minutes:

M/S/P to approve the minutesof the meetings held on March 5th and March 26th.


III.             Report from OIE:

Those present discussed at some length the proposal that Dr. Debra Hanmer’s spouse accompany her on course Bio 260 to be offered in Costa Rica in J Term 2005. The proposal involves the spouse delivering a series of lectures on tropical diseases. The impact on the budget of additional costs for the course was discussed. Any costs increase should warrant a recalculation of the budget. It was noted that the course had already been approved. Liability insurance could be problematic. The UW system legal office should render an opinion on liability matters germane to non-UW-L employee participation. The committee decided to ask Lisa to determine the number of lectures proposed by Dr. Hanmer’s spouse and the estimated number of hours involved in order to determine reasonable compensation and the final cost of the study tour.


IV.              New Business:

Ashley advised that he plans to present comprehensive documentation for ACC445 International Accounting in the J session 2005 at the next meeting.


Additional discussion focused on the topic of Packaged Study Tours.


V.                 Closure:

M/S/P to adjourn at 1:10 pm.


Submitted by Ashley Burrowes