Faculty Senate Library Committee

Meeting Minutes

4:00 pm, September 24, 2003


In attendance: Tim Gerber (Biology), Paul Beck (Murphy Library), Scott Dickmeyer (Communication Studies) Glenn Knowles (Economic), Denis Provencher (Modern Languages) Gwen Achenreiner (Marketing), Darlene Lake (Modern Languages), Cynthia Berlin (Geography), Karl Kattchee (Mathematics)


Consultant: Anita Evans (Library)

Excused: Boon Murray, Beth Seebach and Bill Barillas


The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.


I. Sign in and Introductions


Committee members signed in and introduced themselves. 


II. Committee Charge for 2003-04 Academic Year


            The convener (Tim Gerber) read the duties, responsibilities and special charges of the committee put forth in the Faculty Senate charge letter.  Duties and responsibilities include: 1) Studying and recommending means of improving library services; and 2) Providing liaison between faculty and library staff regarding policy-related issues.  Special charges for 2003-04 include: 1) Reporting on library usage and suggesting ways to improve usage if necessary; 2) Reporting on budget reductions and the process used to enact the reductions (how were/are students and faculty involved); and 3) Reporting on departmental budget appropriations and the process by which these dollars are spent. 


III. Election of Officers (Chair and Secretary)


The convener (Tim Gerber) asked for nominations for a committee chair.  Gwen Achenreiner nominated Tim Gerber for chair.  Gerber accepted the nomination and Glen Knowles supported the nomination. M/S/P: The committee unanimously elected Gerber as chair. 

            The new elected chair asked for nominations for secretary.  Gwen Achenreiner nominated Denis Provencher for secretary.  In turn, Denis Provencher nominated Gwen Achneinreiner for secretary who kindly declined due to other committee responsibilities.  Denis Provencher accepted the nomination and Glen Knowles supported the nomination. M/S/P: The committee unanimously elected Denis Provencher as secretary. 


IV. Faculty Senate report from last year


            The chair briefly summarized the Faculty Senate Library committee report from 2002-2003.  He highlighted a few activities including the Library Committee’s role to integrate information literacy into the General-education program, the January 2003 presentation to UWL faculty and administrators on this same topic, and the committee’s overall contributions to the UWL strategic plan.  Gerber will circulate this report via email and has encouraged members to read it and become acquainted with the prior activities associated with this committee. He also invited members to bring suggestions and ideas about committee activities to the October meeting. 


V.  Strategic Directions document


            Both Anita Evans and Paul Beck spoke to the committee about the activities of the UW-System Library task force.  Anita Evans encouraged committee members to read the draft of the 2003-2005 strategic plan. Evans and Beck both spoke about the recent initiative associated with digital collections (UWDC) and the potential of such new technologies for UWL faculty and class instruction.  Discussion ensued about several issues including the dissemination of information about new technologies to faculty across the four colleges, the challenges associated with digitization of material in certain disciplines (including digital journals) and the efficacy of such online services as ILLIAD and Odyssey.  Both Glen Knowles and Cynthia Berlin expressed their concern about the quality and reliability of digital journals, the access to such information by community members and the desire to maintain hard copies when possible. Anita Evans mentioned the Murphy Library website as a means to disseminate up-to-date information to UWL faculty and encouraged faculty members to make their voices heard about issues related to digital media. Anita Evans also encouraged the committee to send comments to her on the strategic plan document before the CUWL meeting on Monday September 29, 2003. 

It was the general consensus that this committee would continue to act as a sounding board for faculty across campus about all of these issues. The chair reminded the committee to think first and foremost about the quality of instruction and access to discipline-specific materials for both students and faculty at UW-L.


VI. Meeting times


            The committee discussed meeting times for the fall semester and agreed upon the third Wednesday of every month.  The next meeting will take place on Wednesday October 15th at 4:00 pm.  


The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.  


Respectively submitted,


Denis Provencher