PTS Committee Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2004


Present:  Carol Miller, Carl Foster, Deborah Dougherty-Harris, Robert Carney, Susan Kelly, Wahhab Khandker,


Old Business: 

Members discussed the committee’s charge of assessing the types and quantity of service performed by faculty and how this impacts service on standing committees.  Since information was received from the Committee on Committees that there was really not a problem in filling vacancies, the PTS committee wondered if the charge to investigate service was still warranted.  Suggestion made to contact Faculty Senate, ask if the charge is still warranted, and the reasons for requesting that this be done.  There were mixed opinions in regard to the implementation of a faculty survey on service.  

On another charge, i.e., defining faculty service expectations more explicitly as they relate to promotion and tenure:  it was felt that we obtained information from the Joint Committee on Promotions.

On another charge, i.e., consider potential incentives and/or penalties that may improve faculty participation on faculty committees, previous suggestions were reviewed (including recognition of accomplishments of committees by faculty senate, sending out request for committees after charges have been established, a possible faculty service day, etc.)


Other business brought up was in reference to the letters that brought news of a promotion – or not.  Information was brought to committee that there did seem to be different expectations for service in regard to promotion.  It was felt that this might be due to inadequate information in the letters, etc.