Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for Meeting 3/5/05


Faculty Members Present:  Jac Bulk, Susan Crutchfield, Adrienne Loh (Chair), Marc Rott, Bill Wehrs

Members Absent: Gary MacDonald

Members Excused:  Mike Haupert, Mark Headington, Emily Kruger, Marcie Wycoff-Horn

Guests/Consultants Present:  Amelia Dittman (CBA), Lori Ketelhut (Records & Registration), Kathy Kiefer (Admissions), Kent Koppelman (Educational Studies), Teri Thill (Institutional Research)


1. The meeting was called to order by Chair Loh at 3:38 p.m.


2. New Business:  Summer Session Start Date Appeals


   Kent Koppelman presented three appeals from the Department of Educational Studies.

a.        C-I 695

Motion:  Rott moved to approve the appeal.  Bulk seconded the motion.  The motion passed (4-0-0).

b.       RDG 765

                Motion:  Crutchfield moved to approve the appeal.  Rott seconded the motion. 

The motion passed (4-0-0).

    c.  C-I 381

Motion:  Rott moved to approve the appeal.  Bulk seconded the motion.  The motion passed (4-0-0).


3. Old Business


a.        A Set Meeting Time for CAPS

Loh explained that any set meeting time would have to be approved by Faculty

Senate for inclusion in Articles and Bylaws.  Thus no such change could be established before next year.  There was some discussion of what day would be best for student members of CAPS and whether the committee might establish a meeting time on the day and week alternate to the established General Education Committee or Faculty Senate meeting times.  CAPS will continue this discussion at its next meeting.


b.       Data on Freshman and Transfer Student Success Rates

Teri Thill presented various data on one cohort of freshman and transfer students

starting in Fall 1998.  Data ran from Fall 1998 to Summer 2004.  Thill will bring the committee data on “special talent” students at a later date.

                There was discussion on how to normalize the data in order to generate valid comparisons.  CAPS requested Thill supply aggregate normalized data on two groups:  1) Good Standing and 2) any other standing category (Probation I, II, and Ineligible combined).


c.        Fall 2004 Enrollment Data

This topic will be considered at the next committee meeting.


4. Student Appeal


   Motion:  Crutchfield moved to convene in a closed session to consider personal student information as provided in section 19.85 (1)(f) of Wisconsin Statutes.  Bulk seconded the motion.  The motion passed by roll call vote (5-0-0, Wehrs attending).

   Motion: Approve a student appeal (from CBA) to repeat CST110 at another institution.  Appeal passed (5-0-0).


5. Fall 2004 Enrollment Data


   There was a brief preliminary discussion of the Fall 2004 enrollment data.  It was agreed that CAPS would have a special meeting to consider the data and prepare their recommendation to Faculty Senate.


6. Meeting Adjourned at 5:15 p.m


Respectfully Submitted,


Susan Crutchfield


      Approved 4/1/05