Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for 9/24/04


Faculty Members Present: Jac Bulk, Susan Crutchfield, Mike Haupert, Mark Headington, Adrienne Loh (Chair), Gary MacDonald, Marc Rott, Bill Wehrs, Marcie Wycoff-Horn

Student Members Present: Emily Kruger

Members Absent: Ryan Kockler

Guests/Consultants Present: Amelia Dittman (CBA), Sandy Keller (EESHR), Diane Schumacher (Registrar), Dean Stroud (Provost’s Office)


1.  The meeting was called to order by chair Loh at 12:02 pm. 


2.  The minutes from 9/1/04 meeting were approved with corrections.  


3.  New Business:


a.  Charges from the Faculty Senate

CAPS will be asked to report on the Fall 2004 enrollments.  Some discussion ensued as to what our exact role would be.  Schumacher distributed enrollment information, which should be studied before our next meeting.  Rott will also forward to members the CAPS report on enrollment targets from 2003-4.  Loh will contact Robert Hoar, Chair of the Enrollment Management Task Force, for clarification of the expectations for CAPS; Loh suggested perhaps the task force should manage the numbers and CAPS should manage the standards for enrollment. 


b.  Excess Credit Policy

MacDonald was approved as the representative from CAPS for the Excess Credit Policy Review Board (Rott nominated/Bulk seconded/unanimous voice vote).  MacDonald reported on the first student appeal this year, which was granted.

            Rott asked if money collected from the policy would stay at UW-L or go to the System.  There could be a conflict of interest if the money were staying at UW-L.  Schumacher will look into it.


c.  Potential Exceptions to the New Summer Schedule Policy

Several Allied Health programs have/will request exemption from the new summer schedule policy drafted by CAPS and approved by the Faculty Senate last year.  Loh asked the committee to consider how it would handle requests for exemptions.  Should CAPS consider blanket exceptions to the policy; of what should the appeals process consist; and what should be the grounds for an acceptable appeal?  Discussion ensued regarding the proper role of CAPS in this matter (if any), and regarding the wording of the policy (“should” where “must” was intended).  Loh sees such matters as an extension of last year’s charge for recommendations on the matter, but she will ask the Senate for clarification. 


4.  The meeting was adjourned at 12:56 pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Susan Crutchfield

Approved 10/8/04