Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 21, 2004


Members Present:         Barbara Eide, Joel Elgin, Carol Angell, Brad Seebach, Mark Zellmer, Jonathan Majak, Dennis Fater


Members Absent:          Thomas Kuffel (exc.), Jeff Steffen


Consultants:                  Diane Schumacher, John Jax, Karen Mc Lean

Guests:                         Bonnie Christensen, Connie Arzigian, Chia-Chen Yu, David Waters, Kim Vogt,

Jeri Anibas


1.       Note books were distributed

2.       Introductions, explanation of procedures 

3.       Elections: Chair, Carol Angell, Educational Studies; Secretary, Diane Schumacher, Registrar

4.       M/S/P to approve minutes of May 4, 2004


5.   Proposal #1, ESS 771, Current Issues in Physical Education, Revise repeatable for credit.


 No representation for ESS 771; M/S/P to table.


ESS, 445/545, Planning Facilities for Physical Activity and Sport, 3 cr. Revise Restrictions. Prerequisites: Graduate standing in ESS or acceptance to undergraduate spot management emphasis.


            M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve proposal


6.       Proposal #2, ARC 409/509, Readings and Research in Archaeology, 1-3 cr. Revise prerequisites, total repeatable credits. Prerequisites: ARC 200 or ARC 490/590 or ARC 493/593, consent of supervising instructor.  Repeatable for credit maximum 12.

ARC 491/591, Archaeology Field School for Teachers, 3 cr. Revise prerequisites, total repeatable credits, when offered. Prerequisites: ARC 490/590 or ARC 493/593. Repeatable for credit maximum 12. Offered occasionally.

ARC 492/592, Archaeology Analysis Procedures for Teachers, 3 cr.  Revise prerequisite, when offered. Prerequisites: ARC 490/590 or ARC 493/593. Offered occasionally.

ARC 498/598, Seminar in Archaeology, 1-3 cr.  Revise prerequisites, total repeatable credits. Prerequisites: ARC 200 or ARC 490/590 or ARC 493/593.  Repeatable for credit maximum 12 credits between ARC 498 and ANT 499.  Department option for pass/fail grading.

New Courses: effective spring 2005

ARC 493/593, Wisconsin Archaeology for Teachers, 1-3 cr. This class is designed to provide teachers with substantial content on the science of archaeology and the pre-European history of Wisconsin. Through an inquiry-based approach, teachers learn the process of archaeological interpretation of cultural patterns from material remains by undertaking the reconstruction of such patterns from a provided sample of material remains.  This process is applicable to the K-12 classroom. Offered occasionally.

ARC 494/594, Applied Archaeology for Teachers, 3 cr. This class is designed to give teachers a comprehensive and hands-on personal experience in archaeological data acquisition, interpretation and experimental archaeology. Participants will apply class content to the K-12 classroom.  Repeatable for credit maximum 12.  Offered occasionally.


        M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve proposal.


7.       Consent Agenda:  CLI 525, Molecular Pathology, 3 cr., course deletion.

M/S/P to approve


8.     Information Item: The following programs are being placed “on hold”; they are not being eliminated; however no new students will be accepted.

a.       Library Media Track of MEPD

b.       Research emphasis (both Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics) within the ESS Human Performance program


9. Information item: Changes made during catalog editing:

Master of Public Health in Community Health Education- (GRE) score changed from 1500 to 1000, a minimum of 3.5 for analytical measure.


School Health Education- SHE 710 offered Sem II, SHE 702 and 725 offered summer.


Microbiology- MIC 516 changed prerequisite from 4 semesters of college chemistry to 3 semesters.

When offered: MIC 528 summer session, MIC 540 Sem. II and J Term, MIC 554 and 755 alternate years, MIC 555 summer session.


Reading- Statement or equivalent was added to the end of prerequisites for RDG 730.

The prerequisite for RDG 730 now reads as follows: RDG 324/524 or 328/528 or 330/530 or 741 or equivalent.


Sociology-Archaeology-SOC 600 and 700, when course is offered was taken out of catalog.


10.   Old Business:  None:


11.  New Business:  Faculty Senate did not issue a specific charge other than the standard charge to the committee.



Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m. The next GCC meeting is set for October 5, 2004


Diane Schumacher

GCC Secretary