General Education Committee Minutes

December 6, 2004

325 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Mary Leonard Anderson, Sandy Grunwald, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (Chair), Eric Kraemer, Cris Prucha, Mike Winfrey

Members Excused: Brian Udermann

Consultants Present:  Chris Bakkum, Terry Beck, Keith Beyer, Bruce May, Diane Schumacher

Guests Present:  David Cooper, Terry Kelly, Katie Lindemann


I.        M/S/P to approve the Minutes of 11/29/04 with the correction in spelling of the words “education” and “requests” in section II.B.


II.     Second Reads

A.     MUS 209:  Jazz Cultures – Changes were made to the LX form to emphasize the social aspects of the course to better justify its placement in the Minority Cultures category.  A concern was raised about the potential for success for non-music majors who may take the course, and the committee was assured that the course will be geared toward a broader population than music majors.  Discussion arose concerning the rationale for making the course a 200 level course, and the time commitment and level of involvement that the course will entail were cited as the main justifications.


M/S/P to approve the revised proposal for MUS 209 as a General Education course in the Minority Cultures category effective Spring 2005.


B.     WIMP:  Health – The Second Reading was postponed until Spring Semester.


III.   Old Business

A.     Approval of timeline – Considering a Theme name (#7) is being moved from November to January.  Asking the Chancellor to mention a request for faculty and staff teaching Gen Ed courses to send the GEC anything interesting, innovative, or exciting was added to the timeline (#16).  M/S/P to accept the general timeline with the realization that changes may need to be made along the way.

B.     Date for January Start-Up week meeting – Emily distributed a tentative list of agenda items for the meeting which will be on Tuesday, January 18 from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.  The location is yet to be determined and will be communicated at a later date. 


IV.  New Business

A.     Content of GE portion of January T & L Conference – Emily distributed a sheet with possible ideas about goals, titles, strategies, and content.  Considerable discussion occurred, and several themes emerged from the conversation as focus areas.  Those themes were:

§         Survey/poll participants for feedback

§         Discussion about Learning Outcomes and improving the Gen Ed program

§         Focus on the mission statement

§         Clarify rumors and answer questions

§         Use course review results as a way to create discussion groups

§         Look at what we already know in terms of assessment

§         First Year Experience Discussion

Emily will write a title and brief description and send it out to the committee for feedback.


B.     Discussion: Long range goals (Structure Subcommittee’s work) – Discussion focused on the handout “A quick draft of GE Plan (five year?)”.  Recommendations were made to include course continuation and course elimination with the third bullet under #1.  Another recommendation was made to add “Additional pieces to accomplish long-range goals of program” as a final bullet point under #1.  By consensus, the GEC charged the Structure Subcommittee with turning this draft into a strategic plan.

C.     Changes in LX 140 forms – Emily distributed a handout with criteria for review of course proposals that contained a revised second page.  Changes will also be made to the table in the Competencies and Outcomes section and a comment on limiting the number of outcomes will be added.  Emily will make the changes and make sure that the revised version is online.


V.     Announcements

A.     Innovations Fund and Letter wording – The letter was in the Campus Connection and is also available on both the General Education and Grants & Contracts websites.

B.     Course Reviews – Half of them are now in.  A couple of them had questionable sets of outcomes listed. Emily will send an email to those departments requesting that they pick no more than 10 outcomes in order to make future course assessment more manageable.

C.     Faculty Senate actions and motions are on hold.  The GEC will ask Faculty Senate to continue with the Forum.

D.     AAC&U GE assessment conference – Emily will be attending the conference. She asked  others who are interested in attending to let her know as soon as possible.

E.      Class periods for assessment – Initial response to the request was good.  The GEC should still encourage faculty to volunteer class periods and will eventually have to decide how many class periods will be adequate.


VI.  Other

A.     Spring Semester dates for course reviews and WIMPs were set for February 21st (first reads) and March 7th (second reads).


VII. Next meetings

  1. January 18 – Start Up Meeting
  2. January 31, 2005 (5th Monday)


Meeting Adjourned at 5:30.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Lindemann