General Education Committee Minutes

March 28, 2005

(Rescheduled from March 21)

327 Graff Main Hall


Members Present:  Mary Leonard Anderson, Sandy Grunwald, Emily Johnson (Chair), Eric Kraemer, Cris Prucha, Bruce Riley, Brian Udermann, Mike Winfrey

Members Excused: Jess Hollenback

Consultants Present: Chris Bakkum, Terry Beck, Keith Beyer

Guests Present:  Bryan Kopp, Katie Lindemann


I.        M/S/P to approve the minutes of 3/7/05.


II.     Old Business

A.     Faculty Survey – Emily asked for comments on the faculty survey.  Discussion focused on wording of specific questions and distribution of the survey.  The following were approved by consensus:

·        Add an “other” box to #1

·        Add the word “skills” to 8d, 8f, and 8g

·        Change question 9b on the freshman seminar to be more similar to the questions asked on the senior survey relating to both a one-credit and a three-credit freshman seminar

·        Add “consider content in relation to context” to a question under #8

·        Send the survey out as a paper version via campus mail to faculty and include a return label


B.   Timeline (Spring and Summer) –

Emily provided a brief rundown of the remaining items for spring and summer including the report for Faculty Senate, continuation of the human rights theme and a possible luncheon, a revised set of learning outcomes for next week’s meeting, the English 110 assessment from Terry Beck, the preliminary email for the Writing Emphasis survey, specific programmatic recommendations to Faculty Senate by the beginning of the academic year, the writing coordinator position proposal, and reconsidering the call for proposals or using what’s left in the fund to support the summer design team.  Hearing no recommendations for changes to the timeline, Emily decided to put it on hold.


C. Faculty Senate Reports and Support Documents –

Recommendations for changes to the Report to Faculty Senate with Recommendations for Program Improvement were made.  The following changes were suggested:

·        Add the “choice but not avoid” part of the Faculty Senate By-laws to the Introduction section. Include a reference list at the end of the report.

·        Add First Year Experience data to the Recommendations section.

·        Add “Continue use of a theme based program as a means to help students make connections across disciplines” to the Preliminary Recommendations section (new #5).

·        Add “Examine recommendations for International Task Force” and “Examine feasibility of recommended class sizes” as separate points under the old #5 (new #6) of the Preliminary Recommendations section.

·        Several specific recommendations for re-wording or re-phrasing were made in the Preliminary Recommendations section.

Emily recommended that the committee identify the highest priorities at the next meeting.  She will rewrite the report and send it out with the additional information.


III. Writing Coordinator Proposal –

Terry Beck and Bryan Kopp presented their proposal for a Writing Programs Coordinator and sought feedback and endorsement from the GEC.  Committee members expressed some concerns about the amount of release time proposed, a desire to have English department buy-in before the GEC considers the proposal, and the uncertainty surrounding administrative positions at UW-L right now.  Emily recommended that members take time to read the memo and think about what is under the purview of the GEC, what the English department should be concerned with, and what kind of endorsement, variations, or alternate ideas the GEC can give for moving forward at the next meeting.    


IV. Subcommittee brief reports

A. Ad Hoc on Learning Outcomes will have revised set of learning outcomes for next week’s meeting.

B. Structure is meeting tomorrow.

C. FYE is on hold for now.

D. Assessment had no report.


IV. No Announcements.


V. Other

A. Emily distributed a copy of a letter from a recent UW-L grad who feels she was not given the knowledge and resources necessary for success in the “real world” concerning personal finance issues.  Emily has been asked to respond to this individual and would like to talk about how the GEC might respond in a positive way. This will be discussed at the next meeting after members have had a chance to read the letter.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.


Next Meetings:

Monday, April 4

Monday, April 18

Last meeting of the year – Monday, May 2