Faculty Senate Library Committee


April 18, 2005


In attendance: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library),  Cynthia Berlin (Geography), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies),Karl Kattchee (Mathematics), Glenn Knowles (Economics),  Denis Provencher (Modern Langauges), Chia-Chen Yu (ESS).   Excused:  Darlene Lake (Modern Languages) 

Consultant:  Anita Evans (Library)


Meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. in Room 120, Murphy Library.  The final Faculty Senate Library Committee meeting of the semester is scheduled for:          Monday, May 2, 4:00 p.m. Room 120, Murphy Library


I.  Minutes.  Minutes of the March 21, 2005 meeting were approved with corrections.


II.  Bylaws change.  The Bylaws change adding a graduate student to the membership of the Faculty Senate Library Committee was approved without discussion by the Faculty Senate at its second reading.   We hope to have a graduate student, then, next fall.  We should ask the Faculty Senate to make sure that any students appointed to faculty committees are available and registered for both semesters. 


III.  LibQual+ letter.  Discussion of latest draft of letter to be sent to Faculty Senate about the LibQual+ results.  Per Glenn Knowles suggestion, Suggestion #10 was changed to: “Explore the establishment of a Student Library Fee or Student Technology Fee to upgrade Library resources.”   The Library at UW-Superior gets student money; perhaps we can use them as a model.  Anita Evans will gather some information on UW-Superior.  Chair Provencher will make some minor changes to the letter and send it to us for final approval via email before sending it on to Faculty Senate.  MOTION:  Approve the LibQual+ letter to Faculty Senate with agreed upon revisions.  M/S/P.


IV.  Library budget cuts.  The open Cataloging Librarian position will not be filled.

The Library Department is investigating shifting job responsibilities among current members to absorb the duties of the position.  The Personnel Committee is asking that librarians identify core services, non-essential services, and creative solutions.  Discussion ensued about changing the LibQual+ letter to express this Committee’s concern about the loss of the position.  A new suggestion #2 should be added: “Maintain/increase core staffing year round.” 


V.  Legislative visits.  Anita Evans has sent a letter to Rep. Huebsch inviting him for a visit but has received no response and she has not followed up.  Evans has called Senator Kapanke’s office and his staff will try to schedule a visit, probably on a Monday.


VI.  Summer hours.  Evans reported on the Library’s 2005 summer hours.  The Library did not receive additional funding to compensate for the longer 12 week summer school session this year.  Consequently, the Library will have fewer evening hours than last summer but the Library will actually be open 107 hours more this summer than last because of the longer 12 week summer school session.  Reference desk hours are also reduced.  We need to look at hours for next summer.  This Committee should ask summer faculty at the end of summer or early fall semester how well their Library needs were met; if these summer hours worked for them and their students. 


Meeting adjourned, 5:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Beck