Faculty Senate Library Committee


September 29, 2004


In attendance: William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library), Cynthia Berlin (Geography), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Glenn Knowles (Economics), Denis Provencher (Modern Langauges),  Chia-Chen Yu (ESS).


Consultant:  Anita Evans (Library)


Excused:  Karl Katchee (Mathematics), Darlene Lake (Modern Languages)


Meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. in Room 120, Murphy Library by the convener, Denis Provencher.


I.  Election of officers.  Nominations for chair were solicited.  Denis Provencher was nominated.  There were no other nominations.  Moved and seconded to nominate Denis Provencher for Chair of the Faculty Senate Library Committee.  Motion passed.


Nominations for Secretary were solicited.  Paul Beck was nominated.  There were no other nominations.  Moved and seconded to nominate Paul Beck for Secretary of the Faculty Senate Library Committee.  Motion passed.


II.  Approval of the minutes.  The minutes of the May 14, 2004 meeting Faculty Senate Library Committee were moved and seconded for approval.  Motion passed.


III.  Review Charge from Library Senate.  Chair Provencher read this year’s charge from the Faculty Senate to the Faculty Senate Library Committee.  The general duties and responsibilities of the committee are: studying and recommending means of improving library services; and, providing liaison between faculty and library staff regarding policy-related issues.   There are also four specific charges as the result of recommendations from last years’ Library Committee:

1.  follow-up on the quality of e-journals by having faculty check their respected fields in terms of e-journal and document reliability.

2. LibQual survey follow-up: investigate and discuss deficits and how to address them.

3.  continue to monitor budget reductions and equity in terms of subscription cancellations.  Work as an advocate for alternative source to subscription such as the exploration of document delivery items.

4.  further development of web smart pages (such as the Scholarly Communication web page) to educate faculty about electronic resources.


Anita Evans had suggestions for two other matters for the Committee to consider:

            1.  A new service, Meta-Lib, which will allow for federated searching across databases.  This will be implemented next year in Murphy Library.  The Committee could provide feedback to the Library’s implementation team.

            2.  The Library DIN (decision item narrative).  Evans distributed a one page sheet describing the UW Libraries request for additional money from the Legislature.  This same sheet was also distributed to the UW System regents.  More explicit information on the DIN went to the Department of Administration (DOA).   Anita will send out the DOA version to committee members.


IV. Set committee meeting dates.  The committee will meet at 10:00 a.m. on the third Wednesday of the month.  The next meetings were scheduled for October 20 and November 17. 


V.  Library Director’s report.  A.  Anita Evans reported on LibQual, a survey of library services that all UW campuses participated in last spring.  The results can be looked at the system level or by individual school.  An Executive Summary has been prepared of the results for Murphy Library.   Overall, Murphy Library did well.  One key finding was that graduate students were our least happy group. Examples of the radar charts used to graphically display LibQual results were distributed.   We will continue to analyze and discuss the LibQual results throughout the semester.

            Discussion:  It was suggested that we try to address all graduate students as a group about Library resources to make them aware what we have rather than through individual classes.  We should ask the Faculty Senate that our third student representative on the Faculty Senate Library Committee be a graduate student.  Denis Provencher will ask Bruce Riley, chair of the Faculty Senate, if this is permissible under the current language of the committee makeup.


VI.  Next meeting. Agenda items for October 20 meeting: invite a librarian to talk about MetaLib; discuss the DIN in further detail; and LibQual follow-up. 


Meeting adjourned, 9:55 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Beck