PTS Committee Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2004 4:10 pm, 210 CWH


Present:  T.J. Brooks, Bob Carney, Anne Galbraith, Wahhab Khandker, Sandi Krajewski, Dick Sullivan, Mike Tollefson, 

Excused:  Susan Kelly, Pat Dirocco


  1. M/S/P - Election of TJ Brooks as Chair of the committee.


  1. The secretary duties will be rotated in alphabetical order among the committee members, beginning with Bob Carney.


  1. TJ Brooks will contact the immediate past chair of the committee, Carol Miller, to request that she schedule a presentation to the Faculty Senate about the prior-year committee’s research and recommendations.


  1. Among the four charges given to the committee by the Faculty Senate, the committee chose to begin with the fourth charge:


Report on the salary compensation methods employed by colleges for faculty teaching in J-term, May-term, and summer school, and make recommendations (relative to a uniform university policy) as necessary.


            Bob Carney and TJ Brooks will canvas the CBA

            Anne Galbraith, the SAH

            Mile Tollefson, the CLS

            Pat Dirocco, the EESHR


  1. The meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm