Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 22, 2005


Members Present:                Cherne, Frye, Glass, Hunt, Kelly, Miller, Baggett, Kastantin

Members Absent:                Anderson, Bui

Consultants:                         Dittman, E. Johnson, Bakkum, Schumacher

Guests:                                   none


1.        M/S/P to approve minutes of 3/8/05 meeting.


2.        Second Readings: None


3.        First Readings: None


4.        Consent Agenda:


Program Title change: FROM Radiation Science: Nuclear Medicine Technology   TO Nuclear Medicine Technology

                Program Title change: FROM Radiation Science: Radiation Therapy TO Radiation Therapy

Credit change: NMT 401 Hospital Orientation  FROM 0-1 cr. TO 0-2 cr. (hospital determines hours/credits)

                Delete course: CHM 427 Advanced Biochemistry (replaced by PAS 624)

Revise elective:  Archaeology major—Replace GEO/ESC 250, Fundamentals of Cartography with GEO/ESC 481 Intro to GIS, change recommended by GEO dept.


Revisions during catalog proofing process:

CST 499 prerequisite from CST 300 to CST 301 and 302 (consistent w/new program requirements)

ESS –PE emphasis C-S101 is required; delete option of substituting EDM 275 or approved HED/ESS computer workshop

CEI 450 Internship description should include “The experience will be supervised closely by the intern’s on-site supervisor, by the Career Services staff and by the student’s faculty internship adviser.” ( It is the same sentence that is in the CEI 475 description)

MKT 444 Sports and Rec Marketing delete “offered Sem. 2”

Criminal Justice Minor: Instead of giving students a choice of SOC 330 or PSY 341, Social Psychology, in 2 areas, clarified to put SOC 330 in one area and PSY 417 in a different area.

NMT major—add BIO 432, Biology of Cancer as elective


M/S/P to approve consent agenda items.


  1. Old Business: Further thoughts on LX form and UCC business.

Discussion included the increasing number of proposals that are passed on a first reading and the role of UCC in a time of specialized curriculum, among other things.


6.        New Business: UCC charge of recommendations related to non-departmental courses.

Discussion included the advantages of assigning a home department such as budget, hiring, and review; the advisability of having a sunset clause as stated in the APR recommendations, and whether including a statement on the LX regarding plans for how a course will go through the program review process.


Meeting adjourned 4:30 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for March 29 at 3:30 p.m.


Submitted by

Diane Schumacher, UCC Secretary