Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

April 12, 2005


Members Present:                Cherne, Frye, Glass, Hunt, Kastantin, Kelly, Miller, Baggett

Members Absent:                 Anderson, (exc), Bui

Consultants:                         Burkhardt, E. Johnson, Schumacher

Guests:                                 Maher


1.        M/S/P to approve minutes of 3/29/05 meeting.


2.       Second Readings: None


3.       First Reading: Proposal #41, BIO 424 Endocrinology, 3 cr. revise description


“A comprehensive study of the production, regulation, structure, molecular to whole body actions, metabolism, and excretion of biochemical signaling molecules. The classical and more recently recognized neurotransmitter and hormone pathways and clinical considerations of each will be explored using lecture, laboratory exercises, and case studies. Prerequisite: BIO 303, or 312 and 313. Offered Sem. 1.” 


M/S/P to waive second reading and approve.


4.     Consent Agenda:

MIC 416, Microbial Genetics, 5 credits—change prerequisite FROM: MIC 406, four semesters of chemistry including organic; admitted to microbiology major.  TO: MIC 406, three semesters of chemistry including organic; admitted to microbiology major.  Major no longer requires 4 sem. of chemistry, so this makes course prereq match major.


DELETE the following courses effective spring 2005, due to transition to graduate program

                OT 401                   OT 402                   OT 404                   OT 405

                OT 406                   OT 422                   OT 441                   OT 446


DELETE the following courses effective spring 2007,  due to transition to graduate program.

                OT 410                   OT 411                   OT 412                   OT 413

                OT 414                   OT 443                   OT 461                   OT 462                  

    OT 463                   OT 464                   OT 465                   OT 466

    OT 470                   OT 471                   OT 480                   OT 499


DELETE H-P 421 Human Gross Anatomy, effective spring 2005. No longer needed at UG level because all programs use their own cross-listed number.


            Changes made during catalog proofing process:

Students (not just ACC majors) will be allowed to register or ACC 321 w/o having been admitted to CBA program.


C-S 102   Offered Occasionally

C-S 351   Offered Occasionally

C-S 431   Offered Sem. II, odd numbered years

C-S 449   Offered Sem. I, even numbered years

C-S 451   Offered Sem. I, odd numbered years

C-S 453   Offered Sem. II, even numbers years

C-S 454   Offered Sem. I, even numbered years

C-S 455   Offered Sem. I, odd numbered years

C-S 464   Offered Sem. II, odd numbered years

C-S 470   Offered occasionally

C-S 471   Offered Sem. II, even numbered years

EDM 335  Prereq: EDM 319 (317 deleted)

EDM 402  Prereq: EDM 319 (317 deleted) and EDM 301

Broadfield Science- Add BIO 203 as elective.

ENV 201 remove offered Sem. I

ESC 221  Offered Sem. I

GEO 312 Offered Sem. II

GEO 318 Delete when offered.

GEO 328 Delete when offered

GEO 331 Offered Sem. I

GEO/ESC 345  Offered Sem. I

GEO/ESC 390  Offered Sem. I; description “current methods and equipment” replaces “the altimeter, compass, and plane table”.

GEO/ESC 440   Deleted when offered

GEO/ESC 445   Offered Sem. II

IS minor for non-CBA students—delete admission timeline

MIC majors  Add BIO 203 as an option in biology core wherever 204 and 210 were listed (result of new BIO 203 course). Substitute MIC 455 for BIO 455 now that course is cross-listed.

MIC 428 Offered Summer Session, alternate years.

Theatre major: Music theatre emphasis—audition required. This is by default because music requires audition for their piece of it.


M/S/P to approve consent agenda.


  1. Old Business: UCC charge related to non-departmental courses.


Committee reviewed Chair Kelly’s draft response to Senate as well as Baggett’s proposal. Both call for adding a line to the LX form identifying the instructional unit responsible for the program review and administration. Faculty proposing extra-departmental courses should expect questioning on these issues.  


M/S/P to have the chair make the recommended revision and submit to the Senate


6.        New Business: None


Meeting adjourned. Next meeting is scheduled for April 26 at 3:30 p.m.


Submitted by

Diane Schumacher, UCC Secretary