Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

April 26, 2005


Members Present:                Glass, Kelly, Frye, Baggett, Hunt, Kastantin, Anderson, Miller

Members Absent:                 Cherne (exc), Bui (student representative)

Consultants:                          Bakkum, Burkhardt, Herling, Dittman, Johnson, Von Ruden for Schumacher

Guests:                                 Handley, Campbell


1.    M/S/P to approve minutes of the April 12, 2005.


2.    Second Readings: None


3.    First Readings: Proposal #42, Geographic Information Systems Certificate, new sub-program


            Certificate is earned by taking 2 GIS courses and completing an internship or research project—total 12 credits. Effective

            Summer 2005

        GEO 208, Applications of GIS I, 3 cr., new course (not open to geography majors)

        GEO 308, Application of GIS II, 3 cr., new course, (not open to geography majors)


    M/S/P to waive second reading and approve proposal.


               Proposal #43, Exercise and Sport Science-Fitness Emphasis program revision, effective fall 2005

New admission requirements—delete MGT 300 and add ENG 307 as requirement; add HPR 105 to pre-admission core and delete C-S 101 from pre- admission core (still a required course).


    M/S/P to waive second reading and approve proposal.


4.    Consent Agenda:  none


5.    Old Business:  UCC charge


6.    New Business:  Curriculum Management Project. Von Ruden gave overview of project.



Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.


Dean approved General Education substitutions:

                SAH:      UN 1002, World Cultures, from Michigan Tech, for HIS 101

                               GEO 201 for GEO 110

                               ENG 207 for ENG 200

                               SPA 425 for ENG 207

                CBA:      ENG 363 for ENG 303

                               HED 205 and ESS 100 for HPR 105

                CLS:       GEL000Q, Gay/Lesbian Exp, from Augustana College, for EFN 205

                               ESS 323 and ESS 100 for HPR 105

                               W-S 300 for W-S 100


Submitted by

Jan Von Ruden, UCC Secretary for the day