Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 8 a.m.

Room 432 Wimberly


Present:  Tammy Fisher, Carla Graham, Mike Hoffman, Gary Konas, Haixia Lan, Jasmine Saros, Steve Senger (Computer Science), Sandi Krajewski (Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies), Jonathon Majak (Ethnic & Racial Studies), Curt Reithel (Political Science), Mark Gibson (Athletic Training)

Consultant: Betsy Morgan


Meeting was convened by Haixia at 8:05


Agenda items discussed:


Meeting program directors:

Following brief self-introductions, Haixia distributed a packet of information to the program directors at the meeting, information that included a calendar, a sample Unit Data Sheet, the Self-Study report format, the Self-Study report format for freestanding minors, and the format for APR Committee reports to the Faculty Senate. She explained the two calendars for two categories of programs: those with no external accreditation (programs represented by the majority of the directors present, 7 year cycle) and those with external accreditation (Athletic Training, represented by Mark Gibson, reviewed one year after external accreditation).


Betsy explained the changes to the Unit Data Sheet this year and reminded the directors of a sample guideline for external reviewers that she had shared with them prior to this meeting. Haixia explained the importance of observing the Self-Study report format and of having external reviewers. After a brief discussion on some issues regarding external reviewers, the meeting with the program directors, the first half of the APR meeting, was concluded.


            Review of incoming self-studies and subcommittees:

APR members then reviewed a list of incoming self-studies and formed subcommittees for reviewing these studies. Haixia called attention to the importance of the subcommittee’s meeting with the writer(s) of the Self-Study after the completion of a preliminary draft of the review but before the report to the Senate.


Tammy Fisher reported the progress on the review of Psychology and School Psychology, informing the committee of the possibility that the subcommittee could meet with Betsy Morgan and Emily Johnson as early as before Thanksgiving! Good work, Tammy and Paul!


Subcommittees were formed as follows:


APR Schedule: 2005-2006



English (Richard Sullivan): under review

1.                  Georges Cravins

2.                  Mike Hoffman

3.                  ____________


Psychology (Emily Johnson/Betsy Morgan): under review

1.                  Tammy Fisher

2.                  Paul Keaton

3.                  ____________


Education Studies (Kent Koppleman): in Dean’s Office

1.                  Carla Graham

2.                  Jasmine Saros

3.                  ____________


Physics (Gubbi Sudhakaran): in Dean’s office

1.                  Jamine Saros

2.                  Gary Konas

3.                  __________


ESS (Physical education, teacher certification [graduate], Pat DiRocco): November 2005

1.                  Haixia Lan

2.                  Bob Krajewski

3.                  ____________


International Studies (Eric Kraemer): December 2005

4.                  Haixia Lan

1.                  Bob Krajewski

2.                  ____________




Music (Gary Walth & Terence Kelly): December 2005

1.                  Georges Cravins

2.                  Paul Keaton

3.                  ___________

Math (Bruce Riley): January 2006

1.                  Carla Graham

2.                  ___________________

3.                  ___________________


Chemistry (Aaron Monte): January 2006

1. Gary Konas

2. Mike Hoffman



Theatre Arts (Billy Clow): January/February 2006

1.                  Tammy Fisher

2.                  ____________

3.                  ____________


History (Charles Lee): May 2006

1.                  ____________________

2.                  ____________________

3.                  ____________________


Communication Studies (Rick Rodrick): June 2006

1.                  _____________________

2.                  ____________________

3.                  _____________________


The haven’t-heard-froms

SCH of Health Ed/Health Promotion (Dan Duquette)

1.                  __________________

2.                  __________________

3.                  __________________




Betsy suggested that she inquire into the possibility of having the Senate consider adding another member, preferably experienced, to APR this year because of the workload, a suggestion that was much appreciated by the committee members.


Next Meeting: 

Betsy reported that she had been working on the Senate’s charge for the committee to revise/strengthen the assessment guidelines in the Self-Study report. Haixia noted that the committee might meet some time in December if findings and the revision on assessment guidelines would be ready for deliberation and/or decision.


Meeting adjourned, 8:45 a.m.



Haixia Lan, Chair