Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Room 432 Wimberly


Present:  Kurt Czerwinski, Carla Graham, Mike Hoffman, Paul Keaton, Gary Konas, Haixia Lan [Jasmine Saros-excused]

Program Directors: Carla Graham (Environmental Studies Minor, CLS); LTC Fearon (Military Science Minor, CLS); David Waters (ESS—Sports Administration Master’s, SAH), 



Meeting was convened at 8:05 a.m.


  1. Haixia explained APR’s 2007-2008 timetables.

·        Because the national accreditation process for ESS was being revised, the ESS—Sports Administration Master’s program would not be able to complete its accreditation process until December 2007. Since ESS’s self-study should be due by June of 2007 according to the review timetable, it was decided that ESS apply for a deferment of APR review using the new procedure:

Departments (or units or programs) wishing to request an official deferment of their review to the next academic year need to request a deferment in writing to their Dean. Reasons for deferment need to be non-trivial and justifiable. If the Dean and APR concur, they will request an approval from the Provost. Whether denied or accepted, the Dean and department will receive some official notification. Only an official deferment will alter the timeline; delays in the process do not alter it.


·        The committee members answered questions regarding where to locate past reviews, how to obtain the Unit Data Sheet, and whether different UW campuses used the same review procedures.


·        LCT Fearon mentioned the possibility of conducting the self-study during his tenure here at UW-L, and if so, this would mean that the self-study of the Military Science Minor would be completed earlier than the scheduled time.


  1. Mike (on behalf of the subcommittee), Carla, Gary, and Haixia (on behalf of the subcommittee) briefly updated the committee on the reviews in progress (English, Education, Physics, and International Studies).


Meeting adjourned, 8:45 a.m.

Haixia Lan, Chair