Committee on Academic Policy and Standards



Minutes for November 18, 2005


Members Present:    Bulk, Cary, Headington, Hoar, LeDocq, Loh (chair), MacDonald,

Putnam, Stroud, Wehrs


Consultants/Guests: Dittman, Herling, Schumacher, Udermann


1.         Meeting called to order at 3:37 p.m. in Room 325 Graff Main Hall by Chair Loh; MacDonald appointed rotating secretary for the meeting.


2.         M/S/P –(9/0/0) to approve CAPS minutes from the November 4, 2005 meeting.


3.         B. Udermann presented an appeal for a variance from the SSI schedule for course HPR 105.  Rationale included potential increased enrollment and scheduling conflicts with professional responsibilities. The appeal involved changes in start date and course length.


Motion to approve part 1, not part 2 of the appeal.  (Motion withdrawn for lack of

a second.)


            Motion to approve part 1 and not support part 2 of the appeal.  (Motion withdrawn

            for lack of a second.)


            Udermann withdrew his appeal.


4.         New Business by consensus:  M/S to have the J Term Credit Hour Policy

            (maximum of 1credit per week) apply to all short-term courses. Tabled until the

          next week for clarification and language.


5.         The Committee discussed a number of issues to include:  minority and non-

minority success rates, 4 or 6-year graduation rates, student retention and exit

tracking, student profile and transfer students. 


A representative synopsis of the discussion included the following:


·data seems to be oscillating yet relatively stable

·general student profile indicates good supply of intelligent students and a

 statistically stable student body

·4-year graduation rates is problematic; 6-year graduation rate is on parity with

 peer institutions and several regional Tier I institutions

·UW-L is getting better at retaining sophomores (exit tracking data is needed)

·No alarming trends apart from lagging transfer student success rates



6.         The fact-finding saga shall continue.  More discussion is needed regarding 4-

year graduation rates, minority graduation success, non-returning student

tracking data and transfer student success rates.


7.         Most  members of the Committee agreed that additional discussion regarding standardized test scores for all students to include transfer students is necessary.


8.         Meeting adjourned at 5:08 p.m.



Submitted: Gary MacDonald