Committee on Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS)

Minutes for February 24, 2006


Members Present:         Bulk, Cary, Headington, Hoar, LeDocq, Loh, MacDonald, Putnam, Stroud, Wehrs

Consultants:                  Herling, Schumacher


1.       Meeting called to order at 3:35 p.m. in 327 Graff Main Hall by Chair Loh; LeDocq appointed secretary for the meeting.


2.       M/S/P (8/0/2) to approve CAPS minutes from 2/10/06 (prepared by Bulk) as revised.


3.       The committee continued discussion on the draft of the report for Faculty Senate on UW-L enrollment policies and targets, prepared by Chair Loh. The report was on the agenda for the February 23rd Faculty Senate meeting, along with the CAPS Final Report for last year (2004-2005). The Senate began their discussion on the 2004-2005 final report, but it was tabled due to the time. This year’s report on enrollment policies and targets will be presented at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


In the Senate’s initial discussion of the CAPS Final Report for 2004-2005, they focused on the recommendations made by CAPS. Of particular interest was the requirement for completion of 18 credits or more for transfer to UW-L. Concerns were raised that this could affect talented students who attend a different school for one semester and determine that the school is not right for them. The 18-credit requirement would prevent such a student from being admitted to UW-L for the next semester.  Chair Loh asked for feedback from the committee concerning a possible amendment to this recommendation. After discussion of the issue, the general consensus of this year’s CAPS was that a reasonable amendment would be to require the completion of 18 credits or more OR a record of success at both the high school and college level for transfer to UW-L.


In addition, the Committee would suggest to Senate that any transfer student with fewer than 18 credits be given some form of additional advising to help with the transition to UW-L.


4.       The next meeting of CAPS is scheduled for March 24th.


5.       The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca LeDocq, Rotating Secretary