CGAFF Committee                                          Meeting: November 22, 2005, Tuesday, 6:55 AM


Present: Terry Beck, Delores Heiden, Lalita Pandit, SN Rajagopal, Barry Schockmel, Keith Sherony, Matt Taylor, and Mary Tollefson, Drew Stapleton


Absent: None



Lengthy discussion regarding dates of documents received: dates of documents, number of appeals from each College.  There was specific focus on the difference between document received by CBA and how it differs from the web.


Because there was a "missing statement" from the CBA document, committee members speculated as to whether there was a change in the policy and procedures regarding student non-grade academic appeals.  It was suggested to search the minutes of CGAFF from 1997-2003 for substantial changes to CGAFF hearings and By-laws (find out from Faculty Senate if it is posted on the web, and request from Sibbie to search and find out if there have been any changes in it). 


There is also concern that the web, which is where CGAFF had been comparing documents, may be missing a statement that is part of the official document.  Questions arose as to who puts these procedures on the web and what authority might they have to edit.


Therefore, the CGAFF committee recommends the following:


1) Identify authenticity of the web document as questioned above;


2) Determine how CGAFF can insist that one policy/procedure (i.e., the one available on the web) is followed;


3) Within the procedures on the web, specify "investigator" clearly with suggestions for who is an appropriate person for the investigation (example, faculty member, assistant to the Dean, etc.).  Also to be considered: maybe "investigator" is moved until after "preliminary discussions" as defined on the web and the clarify "preliminary discussions."


With regard to the third recommendation, it was then decided (by consensus) to redraft the whole procedure.


With regard to the Report requested by Faculty Senate, the conclusion was tell them that the procedures need to be aligned, and then report the changes first to Faculty Senate (for approval?) and then to Deans and Chairs.


Terry will do the first draft and email us.


Next meeting is planned for December 15 at 8 AM, but a different location so there is more room.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 a.m.??


Respectfully submitted, Mary Tollefson