August 26, 2005



TO:                  Heather Hulett, Convener

                        Faculty Development Committee


FROM:            Carmen Wilson, Chair

                        Faculty Senate


RE:                   Committee Charge for 2005-2006 Academic Year


This memo is intended to serve as the initial charge letter to the Faculty Development Committee for the 2004-05 academic year.  As the convener of the Faculty Development Committee it is your responsibility to arrange as soon as feasible an organizational meeting, the primary purpose of which is to elect a chairperson and a secretary.  Please share this memo with the committee members either at the organizational meeting or, if you prefer, prior to that meeting.


Primary responsibilities of the chairperson include:

o       promptly informing the Senate office (5-8018) the results of the election of officers and any changes in committee membership.*

o       organizing and conducting meetings.

o       completing a year end report on the Faculty Development Committee activities to be submitted to the Senate Office no later than May 31, 2006.


*The committee chairperson should carefully review the policies on committee attendance and the role of alternates on pgs. 10-11, of the 8-27-01 Articles & By-laws materials distributed by Jennifer Wilson's office. 


Primary responsibilities of the secretary include:

o       recording minutes of each meeting.

o       sending meeting minutes to Sibbie Weathers ( so that the minutes can be posted on the faculty senate website. 


In the event the committee chooses to rotate secretarial duties, please designate one person to be responsible for e-mailing the meeting minutes to Sibbie Weathers.  Sibbie has already created an e-mail distribution list of committee members which includes Sibbie to facilitate communication with faculty senate.


The duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include the following, with the exception of faculty sabbatical leave proposals:


  1. Initiating, developing, and implementing programs concerned with improvement of instruction and faculty development.
  2. Establishing priorities for faculty development and improvement of instruction programs.
  3. Establishing written screening and selection procedures, and providing guidelines for proposals related to improvement of instruction and faculty development.
  4. Reviewing, screening, and selecting for funding, proposals which are related to improvement of instruction and faculty development.
  5. Providing the UW-L Foundation with the names of committee faculty members as a list of nominees from which the Foundation may select advisory members for its Grants and Review committee.


Membership of the committee shall consist of the current UW-L administrative representative of OPID (Bill Cerbin), the current UW-L faculty representative of OPID (Donna Anderson), and nine other faculty members.  Faculty and academic staff with faculty status who submit proposals during a given year shall not be members of the committee during that year.


Committee members are reminded that the Faculty Development Committee no longer has a role in the review or awarding of sabbaticals.  (Sabbaticals are now handled internally by the individual colleges.)


In addition to the committee’s normal duties, I ask that the committee consider and report on the following special charges:

1)      The operating procedures of each college with regard to sabbatical review including:

a)      the make up, selection process, and term length of the review committees members

b)      the role (if any) of administrators versus faculty in the selection process

c)      the specific criteria by which proposals are ranked

d)      record of policies and procedures employed since the 2000-2001 academic year

2)      Create a table describing college sabbatical information from 2000-present. 


HISTORY:  The Bylaws of the Faculty Senate regarding sabbatical review by the Faculty Development Committee were amended at the May 4, 2000 meeting.  The rationale, as reflected by the minutes of the meeting, to remove ranking of sabbatical applications from the Faculty Development Committee to the colleges was to reduce confusion regarding sabbatical (paid for by the Deans) versus faculty development grant (paid for by faculty development funds) requests.   Discussion also “focused on the issues of the clarity (or lack thereof) of the guidelines for sabbaticals, faculty development grants, and funding issues.” 


The recent state legislative discussions regarding elimination of sabbatical programs in the UW-System has resulted in new directives to those applying for sabbatical.  Moreover, it would be prudent to recognize that more scrutiny of and accountability for the sabbatical program will likely follow. Some colleges experienced waves of retirements that will be followed by waves of faculty developing at or near the same time.  The SEC feels that while review of sabbatical applications is currently not a Faculty Senate responsibility it is still within our right and responsibility to ensure that sabbatical review as it is occurring is carefully completed, documented, consistent, and equitable across colleges. 


The general UWL sabbatical policy can be found at:


This policy is based on the sabbatical policy of the UW-System that can be found at: AND



Please plan to submit a report on the revised guidelines to faculty senate no later than December 8, 2005.   If you have questions or concerns regarding these charges, please contact me at any time during the year.


Finally, if the Senate Executive Committee or I can assist your committee in any way during the year, please do not hesitate to ask.