May 23, 2006



To:       Faculty Senate


From:  Terry Beck, Chair of CGAAF (Beck, Heiden, Pandit, Rajagopal, Schockmel, Sherony, Stapleton, Taylor, Tollefson)


Re:       CGAAF Activities, 2005 – 2006



In September 2005, CGAAF was charged to conduct workshops for the Academic Deans and Chairs on the correct procedures for Student Academic Non-grade Appeals.  To prepare for those workshops, the Committee requested from each Dean and reviewed the procedures each was following and were encouraging their faculty to follow.  We found that the various Dean’s offices were using different procedures and that the procedures themselves contained ambiguities, gaps, and inconsistencies.  Consequently, the Committee decided that the first step was to review and revise the Eagle Eye document on Student Academic Non-grade Appeals:  the document/procedure available to students and thus the procedure which should be followed by the Deans.


After 6 meetings (and many e-mail discussions of drafts), CGAAF completed and unanimously approved revisions of the Student Academic Non-grade Appeals policy, forwarding that document (attached) on February 23rd to the Faculty Senate for its review.  The Committee recommended that

  1. the Student Academic Non-grade Appeals policy, as revised by CGAAF, be adopted;
  2. all documents pertaining to student appeals be reviewed for consistency by the Office of Student Life;
  3. all documents pertaining to student appeals be linked to each other on Eagle Eye;
  4. the Student Academic Non-grade Appeals policy be available in all department and academic deans’ offices;
  5. the Faculty Senate establish a procedure about how all documents and their revisions are formally approved, adopted, dated, and published.


This was one of the best experiences I have had working with a Faculty Senate committee.  The members involved and compatible, the discussions focused and (appropriately) wide-ranging, the final product clean, detailed (without being complicated), and satisfying to everyone.