May 30, 2006


To:                   Carmen Wilson, Chair

                        Faculty Senate             


From:               Tom Hench, Chair

                        International Education Committee


RE:                   Year-End Report



The Committee met ten times this past academic year: 22 Sep, 6 Oct, 20 Oct, 3 Nov, 17 Nov, 1 Dec, 7 Feb, 21 Mar, 4 Apr and 2 may.


The Committee members, in alphabetical order, were: Karolyn Bald, Tom Hench (Chair), David Howard, Derek Kockler (Student Representative), Kent Koppelman, Jennifer Koslowski (Student Representative), Jay Lokken (Director—Office of International Education), Victor Macias-Gonzalez, Tim McAndrews, Leslee Poulton, S.N. Rajagopal, Curt Reithel, Eric Kraemer/Dean Stroud (Director of International Studies), Joe Young.


Primary Achievements:

•           The Committee, after extensive discussions and deliberations throughout the Fall of 2005 and early 2006, issued guidelines for helping Faculty and Academic Staff prepare study-abroad proposals.


•           The Committee unanimously voted to have Faculty and Academic Staff members be appointed to the Committee for 3-year appointments, with 1/3 of the Committee scheduled to turn over in any given year.


•           Reviewed and approved a study abroad proposal from Betsy Morgan and Chris Oganowski for a study-abroad tour to England and Wales for May/Summer 2007.


•           The Committee conducted its first Post-Trip Assessment of the Matt Taylor/Karolyn Bald study-tour to Ghana (UWL-100 and PSY 280), along with appropriate follow-up issues and suggestions to be pursued next academic year.


•           The Committee reviewed the status of “student differential tuition funds,” as they relate to international activities, with the Committee’s student members and agreed that our appropriate role was to provide advice and assistant ‘as needed.” At the same time, the Committee’s student members agreed to keep the International Education Committee duly informed. (However, in retrospect, this did not happen. For whatever reason, the student representatives rarely attended out meetings. This will be a matter to pursue in more depth next academic year.)