December 6, 2005



Members Present:                Ali, Kuffel, Reineke, Seebach E., Steffen

Members Absent:                                Fater, Majak, Reis (exc), Von Dollen, Erickson, Rausch

Consultants:                                         Martin-Stanley, McLean, Schumacher

Guests:                                                   Fisher, Murray


1.             M/S/P to approve minutes of November 15, 2005.


          2.             Second Readings:

RTH 400/500, Child Life Theory and Practice, 3 credits, new course.

This course introduces future certified child life specialists and others to theories and techniques of providing services to reduce anxiety of children and families in hospitals and alternative settings. This course develops understanding and affirmation of the values of supporting individual development, family-centered care, play, therapeutic relationships, developmentally appropriate communication, professional collaboration, defined clinical competencies, and research findings that examine the practice of child life. Prerequisite: PSY 210 or 212 or CYC 210.


RTH 401/501, Child Life Facilitation of Psychosocial Support, 2 credits, new course.

This course introduces future certified child life specialists and others to providing psychosocial support and intervention techniques that help children and families cope with stress from hospitalization or life events that disrupt normal development. Techniques for using play, recreation, creative arts modalities, and supportive activities including volunteer provision are explored. Prerequisite: PSY 210 or 212 or CYC 210.


M/S/P to approve proposals.


        3.             First Readings:

        Proposal #1

          Biology Master of Science, Nurse Anesthesia Concentration, 31 program credits from 30, change required courses. This concentration is jointly offered by the department of biology and Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, La Crosse, WI. Students simultaneously complete requirements for the Master of Science degree in biology and educational requirements to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Candidates for this concentration must apply separately and be accepted into the Franciscan Skemp Healthcare School of Anesthesia. This concentration requires (1) passing an oral comprehensive exam, (2) completion of the core curriculum of 30 31 credits and (3) completion of a research project.


          BIO 511                Human Gross Anatomy                      6

          BIO 524                Endocrinology                                      3

          BIO 713                Physiology of Drug Action                2

          BIO 715                Pathophysiology I                               3

          BIO 717                Pathophysiology II                              3

          BIO 718                Advanced Human Physiology I        4

          BIO 719                Advanced Human Physiology II       4

          BIO 720                Anesthesia Research                          2

          CHM 530              Chemistry in Health Sciences            3

          ESS 782                Electrocardiography                            3

                                                        Total Credits                       31


          BIO 720, Research in Anesthesia, 2 credits, new course.

          The student will conduct a critical review and analysis of the primary literature and/or patient records (after IRB approval) in the area of clinical anesthesia or applied physiology. The results and analysis will be summarized and presented in a poster format. Students will be required to present their poster at a professional meeting. Prerequisites: BIO 718, BIO 719. Offered summer semester.

There was a question about the student requirement to present their poster at a professional meeting.
This was a first reading. There will be a second reading.


4.       Old business: None


5.       New business: Kuffel gave a report from the Grad Council.

          The next GCC meeting will be February 7, 2006.

M/S/P to adjourn at 4:10 p.m.